Climate & Energy

Union of the states

America’s governors unite to plead for extension of renewable tax credits

Today, 50 governors — if you’re counting, that’s all of them — sent a letter to Congress [PDF] asking that the tax credits for renewable energy be extended by at least five years: Renewable energy …

Hurricane Dolly hits land, skirts oil and gas facilities

Hurricane Dolly hit land in Texas Wednesday as a Category 2 storm. No deaths have been reported and the storm had a minimal impact on oil and gas operations; it largely missed offshore oil and …

Knocking down the energy jobs myth

It’s the fossil fuel crowd that’s against American jobs

Reading around on reactions to the latest oil shale hubbub, I keep seeing conservatives saying that greens against dirty energy development are opposing "American jobs." It’s important that everyone involved in fighting oil shale — …

A Hoffa you can't refuse

Blockbuster Teamsters announcement rejects oil drilling as an energy solution

For years, the Teamsters have supported opening the Arctic Refuge and other protected areas to oil drilling; they ran ads bashing John Kerry on it in 2004. So it is a Very Big Deal that …

Cheerio climate!

Poll indicates Brits harbor doubts on climate change

U.S. conservatives aren't the only ones who are easily duped. When 1,039 Brits were asked "To what extent do you agree or disagree that ... Many scientific experts still question if humans are contributing to climate change," a remarkable 60 percent agreed whereas only 22 percent disagreed. Congrats to the British deniers out there -- yes, even you TVMOB, who apparently qualifies as a scientific expert in the U.K. because he wears a Nobel prize pin made of gold recovered from a physics experiment presented to him by the Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Rochester, New York. The poll also asked for responses to "I sometimes think climate change might not be as bad as people say." Some 42 percent agreed while 41 percent disagreed. I am going to (optimistically) ascribe that less to the U.K. airing of the The Great Global Warming Swindle than to the fact that this statement is true when it comes to one particular famous British person.

Umbra on clean coal

Dear Umbra, I noticed that several of the presidential primary debates were sponsored by clean coal. This was announced during breaks and several commercials aired. I have since seen several more commercials and online advertisements. …

What is Gore's next step?

From fossil fuels to manufacturing for wind and solar energy

A couple of years ago, Al Gore made the case, in a film called An Inconvenient Truth, that we have a big problem called global warming. But the film was not effective at pointing to a solution. Humans evolved to consider a crisis as a challenge, as long as a solution is readily available. Otherwise, panic or resignation sets in. Now, Gore has moved a significant step further by arguing that all sources of electricity should be carbon-free -- in other words, all of our electricity should be generated using wind, solar, or geothermal power, instead of coal, natural gas, or oil. The next step should be to explain how we move to a fossil fuel-free electrical system. Gore continues to advocate a revenue-neutral carbon tax, but it feels like he's searching for something else, something that would be part of the effort to clean up the energy system. He might consider the idea that rebuilding the manufacturing economy by building solar and wind equipment would not only lead to a carbon-free system, but also would revive the national economy and the middle class.

No icebergs required

Smart economic development policy for the 21st century

The following is an elaborated version of the brief talk I gave at my Netroots Nation panel. The U.S. economy is in serious trouble, mired in a period of slow growth and high prices — …

Trees win in California solar panels vs. redwoods dispute

Trees have emerged victorious in a California dispute that pitted redwoods against solar panels. Six months ago, Silicon Valley residents Richard Treanor and Carolynn Bissett were criminally convicted because their redwoods shaded the 10-kilowatt solar …

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