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Goracle on Meet the Press

Questions for Gore’s energy plan?

This Sunday, Al Gore will appear on NBC's "Meet the Press" to talk about the energy action plan he unveiled in Washington this week. So, Grist readers, in tribute to the late Tim Russert, what kind of tough questions do you want host Tom Brokaw to lob Gore's way? Offer your suggestions here. Looking ahead, is it safe to say that Gore stands to get a very warm reception from interim "Meet" host Brokaw? After all, the ex-NBC anchor hosted an Emmy Award-winning Discovery show back in 2006 that explored the reality of climate change and the need to address it. And he's a self-proclaimed environmentalist -- a lover of the outdoors (travels the world with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard) who touts his personal efforts to conserve energy. Brokaw also did his part to flack Gore's movie, "An Incovenient Truth." Will Brokaw embrace his inner Russert and grill Gore about how exactly the nation can meet a 100 percent renewable electricity goal by 2018?

Input on outputs

New white paper provides more details on output-based standards

For those of a policy-wonk bent. For those who simply loved my earlier post on output-based standards for greenhouse gas control and have been thirsting ever since for more details (I know you're out there!). For those who wait eagerly at their mailbox waiting for the current issues of electricity policy magazines to arrive ... Yea, verily, I bring you this [PDF]. A white paper just published in The Electricity Journal, providing much more detail than was appropriate for a blog post on the concept of output-based CO2 standards, and hopefully clarifying some of the details.

House Dems fail attempt to make Big Oil drill on the land it’s got

A bill that would have required oil companies to drill on leased land they already hold before seeking new conquests failed in the House of Representatives Thursday. The legislation’s “use it or lose it” provision …

Antarctic icebergs scraping seafloor bare more often due to climate change

The warming Antarctic is changing life on the seafloor as well as above as icebergs freed from surrounding sea ice earlier than in previous years can pummel bottom-dwelling creatures for much of the year, according …

Mr. Gore, how do you feel about 90 percent?

Blogosphere responds reservedly to Gore’s call for 100 percent renewable electricity

Al Gore stood up in Washington today to call on Americans to join a crusade for 100 percent renewable electricity use by 2018. The blogosphere's response? A golf clap and general round of nitpicking ... Some see the renewable energy goal as a touch impractical, and his beating of the carbon tax drum (1993 ... anyone? anyone?) irked plenty of conservatives -- no surprise -- and congressional Democrats on the grounds of poor timing as the American economy limps along. A roundup of reactions:

Climate change and the null hypothesis

An excellent post by my colleague John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas State climatologist, can be found here. An excerpt:

Ugandan coffee endangered by climate change

Uganda’s coffee industry could be basically kaput in 30 years, according to a new Oxfam report. Uganda is Africa’s second-largest coffee exporter after Ethiopia, but the report direly predicts that if “average global temperatures rise …

More Gore

Watch the video of Gore’s speech today

If the summary and full text of Gore's speech have left you wanting more, here's the vid:

Notable quotable

Ugly babies

“Ethanol is an ugly baby, but it’s our baby. I’m not against any fuel unless it’s foreign.” — oil billionaire and energy independence evangelist T. Boone Pickens

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