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Cable talkers take note of Shimkus flat-earthism

The idiocy of John Shimkus has attracted some attention from cable talkers. Here’s Rachel Maddow:   Here’s Keith Olbermann:  

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In defense of the Dems’ One Big Bill energy/climate strategy

As Kate reported, Reps. Waxman and Markey have released a discussion draft of their American Clean Energy and Security (ACES, heh) Act. You can read Kate’s post for details, the full 600-page(!) text if you’ve …

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Republicans claim carbon bill impact on families that is off by — no kidding — 98%

So Republicans have been going around saying that Obama’s cap-and-trade program will cost every American household $3,128 a year. Wait, did I say cap-and-trade program? I mean “light switch tax.” Because you’ll pay a tax …

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How do you solve a problem like Silvio?

G8 officials don’t want Silvio Berlusconi to play a leading role in any climate talks that may occur this summer during the July summit in Italy. (Photo Livio Anticoli, Courtesy Prime Minister of Italy’s Office) …

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Key Democrats deal opening hand in climate debate

House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders released the much-anticipated draft of their climate and energy legislation on Tuesday, a proposal that includes emissions goals more ambitious than those proposed by the Obama White House but …

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Canadian activist warns warming could cripple winter sports

Vancouverite David Suzuki and his namesake foundation surface in the U.S. news from time to time, typically through climate initiatives and ocean conservation initiatives such as its estimate of the carbon impact of the 2010 …

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Global warming denier Avery doesn’t know the difference between growth and growth rate

The American Daily has just published this laughably wrong piece of disinformation by long-term global warming denier Dennis Avery, “Now CO2 is Declining as well as Temperatures.” Before AD and Avery take it down, let’s …


A roundup of notable speeches from the Sport and Environment Conference

The big news of day one at the World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Vancouver, British Columbia, was the unveiling of a carbon neutrality plan for the 2010 Olympics. The rest of the …

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Why even strong climate action has such a low total cost — one tenth of a penny on the dollar

Since the nation is about to launch into a long debate about the costs of climate action versus the cost of inaction, here is an overview of the major cost analyses of global climate action. …