Climate & Energy

RNC: Bipartisanship trumps renewable energy, at least party-wise

Kate and I did the party circuit tonight, and it was … weird. Our first stop was a party thrown by the Bipartisan Policy Center. Grist readers will be familiar with the BPC via its …

RNC: Shale mary

Grist talks to Sen. George Voinovich about oil shale, energy, and climate legislation

Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) stopped by an event Monday sponsored by PIRG and the Young Republicans to talk about energy policy, among other things. In his speech, he was bullish on the prospects for oil …

RNC: We're no doom-sayers on climate

Republican platform acknowledges climate change but spurns ‘no-growth’ radicalism

The Republican Party approved its 2008 platform yesterday, which it hailed in a press release as containing “the most aggressive and innovative energy policy in Republican Party history.” But the approved version differs significantly from …

Climate chaos and internet rumors

Deniers’ talking points spread via the same process as that of all urban legends

John McGrath, a contributor to Grist, made an important comparison between how the internet contributes to making urban legends look legitimate and how it is used in spreading climate chaos denialism: It highlights the odd …

Nice work if you can get it

Wis. utilities want customers to cover all fuel volatility

Wisconsin’s five regulated electric utilities have asked to have fuel increases in gas and coal costs automatically passed along to their customers rather than wait until they can file a formal rate case. Their regulator …

Conclusions of ‘hockey stick’ graph stand up to further scrutiny

The infamous “hockey stick” graph, which shows the northern hemisphere beginning to rapidly warm around the industrial age, has been backed up by new research. Michael Mann, who helped develop the 1998 graph that climate …

Religion and energy policy collide

Palin asked folks to pray for natural-gas pipeline

The Huffington Post did some digging on the church that Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin spent most of her life attending. Apparently the church films and posts all of its services. In June, Palin gave …

The unbearable cost of high gas prices

Science debate 2008

A presidential pop quiz on energy, water, scientific integrity, oceans, and climate change

Barack Obama’s answers to the 14 top science questions facing America. (McCain is still working on his answers.)