Climate & Energy

Jim Hansen on Charlie Rose

Turns out he doesn’t like coal:

Oh good grief

Now we’re running out of air?

Colbert on offshore drilling

As you can see toward the end there, everything comes down to the fact that nobody — outside of rarefied energy experts — believes that alternatives to fossil fuels are here, ready, and reliable. Everything …

Cogen beer

Cleveland brewery attempts energy recyling yet is foiled by regulation

Last week Cleveland Scene wrote about a local brewery that is recovering its waste heat. They set out to convert the heat into electricity and useful steam for their brewery. In a great quote, the …

Ginormous solar plants to be built in California

Two gigantic solar plants will be built in California under deals announced Thursday between utility Pacific Gas & Electric and companies OptiSolar and Sun Power. Together, the plants could generate 800 megawatts of electricity at …

I do not think that word means what you think it means

‘Clean’ coal pollutes more, finds new study

This should be obvious, but of course you never hear it mentioned in stories about carbon capture and sequestration (CCS): capturing and sequestering carbon requires lots of energy; thus, plants that do it have to …

Dog bites man; more beats less

On energy, survey results show public favors supply, increasingly favors Republicans

New polling from Rasmussen confirms current D.C. scuttlebutt: Republicans are winning on energy. The reason can be boiled down to this: Voters overwhelmingly want prices brought down, they’re convinced that increasing supply is the way …

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support offshore drilling, says poll

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support offshore drilling, if a new Rasmussen poll can be believed (and considering the phrasing of past polls, that’s arguable). The recent survey shows 64 of Americans in support of drilling …

Drill bits

The internets weigh in on drilling

A few bits and pieces from around the internets on the drilling issue. Rick Hertzberg has a piece on his New Yorker blog about arguments against drilling. He points out that most of the opportunistic …

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