Climate & Energy

Paris responds

The Hilton energy policy

‘They take pride in being ignorant’

Obama smacks back against GOP “tire gauge” mockery:

A real energy plan for America

Efficiency now, 10 percent renewables by 2012, and one million plug-in hybrids by 2015

Senator Barack Obama has fulfilled the promise of his earlier climate plan with a detailed and comprehensive "New Energy for America" [PDF] plan. Yesterday, he gave a major speech on this plan in Lansing, Michigan. …

Estimated cost of Nevada nuke-waste dump soars

The total cost of dumping nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain repository will hit $96.2 billion, the Department of Energy estimated Tuesday. The estimate has jumped 38 percent, excluding inflation, since 2001. And it assumes …

Auto industry to McCain:

Congress should inflate their tires, not their rhetoric

This post originally ran on the Wonk Room. For most of this year rising gas prices have been on everyone's mind. Believe me, the auto industry understands very well just how much of an impact …

How to stop horselaughs from crushing good ideas?

In a recent post about buy back programs to get polluting junkers off the road, I think David's key point was this: "This is one of those silver bb's enviros need to learn how to …

Things smart people assume

In Sunday’s WaPo, Joel Achebach says, “Rigorous science is the best weapon for persuading the public that [climate change] is a real problem that requires bold action.” The best weapon? Is that true?

The (renewable) electron economy, part 1

The shape of the oil crisis

This is the first in a series on how we can build an energy future based on our best science and no longer critically dependent upon exhaustible and polluting fossil fuels. Lines formed at gas …

Drill he or won't he?

Enviros unhappy with Obama’s offshore-drilling shift, but pleased with his energy plan

Many in the environmental community are annoyed by Barack Obama’s change of position on offshore drilling, even while they applaud his comprehensive energy plan. The Democratic candidate had staunchly opposed new drilling on the outer …