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Nation's phallus hit with grafitti

Greenpeace pulls off a doozy of a stunt

Some fiendishly clever visual protest from Greenpeace: Joe Romm must be flattered.

Notable quotable

“I do think we’re in a position where we don’t foresee the need for new coal-fired generation in the Carolinas anytime in the foreseeable future. It’s probably premature to say we will never build a coal plant in the Carolinas again, but today we do not foresee the need to do that based on the inputs we see and based on planning in front of us.” – Jim Turner, president of Duke Energy Duke is set to build a coal plant in N.C., with the blessing of the Sierra Club, thanks to this: In a unique measure, the permit issued …

Competing for the Governator's endorsement?

All four Republican candidates support California’s right to a waiver from the Bush EPA

In tonight’s debate, much to my surprise, the Republican candidates got a direct question about the California waiver. Also rather to my surprise, all four said they support California’s right to a waiver. It’s amazing how isolated Johnson (*cough*Cheney*cough*) is on this. Not one of his party’s standard-bearers will back him up. That is some sad sh*t. Here’s the portion of the debate on Pavley and climate change: [L.A. TIMES' JANET] HOOK: This is for Senator McCain. Senator McCain, Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed that California be allowed to implement much tougher environmental regulations on emission requirements than apply to the …