Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

George Will publishes global warming lies for a third time

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, shame on the media. In a move that calls into question the journalistic integrity of the entire Washington Post editorial staff — especially editorial …

Climate & Energy

New climate legislation overlooks a major GHG source: industrial ag

Like many others in the climate movement, I have been waiting for weeks (well, years actually) for broad and sweeping climate change legislation.  Back in January the economy captured Congressional attention and I knew global warming legislation would simply have …

Climate & Energy

Senate rules out using budget process to pass cap-and-trade

Prospects for using the Congress’s budget process to pass cap-and-trade legislation were extinguished on Wednesday night as the Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a measure to bar that option. The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), prohibits the …

Climate & Energy

Senate susses out climate plan positions

As attention focused on the climate and energy bill unveiled by key House Democrats on Tuesday, the Senate quietly held a couple of votes that reveal a great deal about where that chamber stands on upcoming legislation. The first was …

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Waxman bill threatens children and elderly, says very concerned power industry

Reactions to the Waxman energy legislation are going to be pouring in over the coming days and weeks. On an early read, environmentalists are enthusiastic. But who is looking out for society’s most vulnerable? Power companies, of course! Says Scott …

Climate & Energy

How to solve renewables’ intermittency problem

This whole solar thing isn’t working out. I’m going to start Vote Lunar.

Climate & Energy

Oregon’s successful mileage tax experiment worked smoothly — and helped curb congestion

Recently I’ve been flogging the concept of a mileage tax, a system of per-mile road usage fees that over time can replace our dysfunctional gasoline tax as a way of funding transportation infrastructure. Although people have raised a lot of …

Climate & Energy

Responding to the “energy tax” attack

I’ll get more into the specifics of the Waxman/Markey bill in a bit, but first let’s address something lots of people have been asking me about these past few days: how to respond to Republican attacks that Dem energy/climate legislation …


Cable talkers take note of Shimkus flat-earthism

The idiocy of John Shimkus has attracted some attention from cable talkers. Here’s Rachel Maddow:   Here’s Keith Olbermann: