Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Obama injects hope into climate negotiations, even though he’s not attending

  The global climate negotiations in Poznan opened on Monday with all expected pomp and circumstance. Two prime ministers and Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the Nobel-Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, addressed thousands of delegates and observers who have …

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Is cheap gas OPEC’s way of robbing Obama of his clean energy initiative?

Why have gas prices dropped so low, so quickly, and so soon after endless proclamations of a future of $200/barrel oil? The New York Times thinks that it has something to do with a drop in demand and a lack …

Climate & Energy

Umbra on turning down the heat

Dear Umbra, Many of my friends are environmentally minded and do lots of things to try to have a smaller carbon footprint. Yet when I tell people I turn my heat down when I leave the house even for an …


‘Time to get real’

I’m not necessarily comfortable with the fact that crusty old white farmer types in beat-up caps are the sine qua non of authenticity in the American imagination, but it is what it is, so I really like this new ad …

Climate & Energy

If there’s no U.S. climate bill in 2009, would U.N. climate talks collapse in Copenhagen?

I have argued that Obama won’t be able to ratify any global climate treaty that is likely to come out of Copenhagen next December. Since the only thing worse than no global climate treaty in 2009 is a treaty that …

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Humanity is still bargaining with climate change

I’ve had a thought bouncing around, somewhat inchoate, that I shall now try to render in the language you humans call "English," despite the fuzzy-headedness brought on by Seattle’s relentlessly gray sky. Pardon the rambling. You constantly see stories in …

Climate & Energy

Canadian oil sands projects could kill up to 166 million birds, study says

Canadian oil sands projects are likely to kill up to 166 million birds over the next 50 years through habitat loss, pollution, and other effects, according to a study by a coalition of environmental groups.

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Island nations call for steep emission cuts to curb rising seas

At the United Nations climate conference in Poland this week, a coalition of over 40 island nations called for extremely ambitious reductions in world greenhouse-gas emissions, fearing the effects of rising seas. The nations proposed that industrialized countries slash their …

Climate & Energy

EPA approves rule change making mountaintop-removal mining easier

The U.S. EPA on Tuesday approved a controversial rule change that the Bush administration has been trying to make for years which eases restrictions on burying streams under piles of mining waste, making mountaintop-removal mining easier. “By signing off on …