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Powell’s Books goes partly solar

Independent bookseller Powell’s Books, based in Portland, Ore., will go partly solar next month with a 100-kilowatt solar system affixed to its warehouse that will provide enough juice to power about one-quarter of its online bookstore,, that’s housed inside.

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Speak now against the rape of Coal River Mountain

Dear Al Gore, Two months ago at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, you declared that, "If you’re a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not …

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Grist seeks photos from readers far and wide

What with the nation being full of hope and promise and all, we thought we’d get in on the action. So we’re asking you — our dearest readers — to show us your hopes! Send us a photo (or many …

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James Hansen’s recent post on climate change

James Hansen recently posted a new letter on climate change called “Tell Barack Obama the Truth — The Whole Truth” [PDF] on his website. In it, he lays out many of his ideas on how to avert climate catastrophe, and …

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Nokia is greenest electronics company, says Greenpeace

In its 10th Guide to Green Electronics, Greenpeace deems Nokia the greenest company, followed by Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba. But, says Greenpeace, neither those companies nor most of their techie brethren are supporting global efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions …

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming

Hansen wants the skeptics thrown in jail–Did James Hansen really want to try the climate skeptics?

(Part of the How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic guide)   Objection: In his June 23, 2008 testimony before the United States Congress, James Hansen called for the punishment of climate change skeptics for “crimes against humanity.” This is …

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Carmakers hope to head off lithium shortages

According to this article from the BBC, production of hybrid and electric cars may be stifled by a shortage of lithium at some point in the next decade. Mitsubishi’s general manager in La Paz, Eichi Maeyama, said: The demand for …


Vast majority of feds’ flex-fuel cars still run on straight gasoline

The federal government has poured billions of dollars into building up a fleet of 112,000 flex-fuel vehicles capable of running on an ethanol blend — but the attempt to move away from fossil fuels has so far largely failed, as …

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The real truth about stabilizing at 350 ppm

To James Hansen (and his fellow 350 ppm-ers): You make a compelling case we must ultimately return atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million to avoid catastrophic climate impacts. But you have made an uncompelling case about …