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Climate & Energy

The Corndoggle

The Portland, Ore. “Willamette Week” has a fairly decent piece on the (fiscal) implosion of the outrageously heavily subsidized ethanol plant in Clatskanie, Ore., which (briefly) produced some “homegrown” motor fuel using 100% imported corn and 100% imported natural gas.


Send in your green questions for Grist for Earth Day answers

Got a burning green question Grist hasn't answered yet? (Hard to believe, I know.) Think quick because you have until 3 PM Pacific today to send 'em in because our big brains -- along with a few other online eco-friends' …

Climate & Energy

Aviation industry proposing solutions to solving their global warming pollution?

Photo: The Shane H via Flickr While most of the climate negotiations in Bonn have been focused on key issues around the overall agreement, as I’ve discussed here and here, there has also been some side discussions on other key …

Climate & Energy

Friedman uses perch at Gray Lady to push for carbon tax

Tom Friedman says cap-and-trade is in truth a form of taxation. But taxes don’t suck. Why don’t Dems and the adminstration just tell it like it is and push for something more straightforward: a carbon tax. Such a tax, he …

Climate & Energy

Granholm tries to convert Michigan “from rust to green”

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) is trying to rescue her state’s tanking economy by taking it “from rust to green.” On Monday, Granholm signed a law that will channel $220 million toward tax credits for the development and manufacture of …

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Energy politics shouldn’t depend on whether you’re Republican or Democrat, says Chu

“We have a problem and we’ve got to get it solved. The politics of energy are such that it actually shouldn’t be a political question. Let’s get to a different point in the discussion about what American needs, and what …

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Amid a sea of troubles, ethanol now has an antibiotics problem

Hard times for corn fuel Photo: Todd Ehler I’ve been writing for a while now about problems with distillers grains, the leftover mash from the corn-ethanol process. A third of the corn that goes into ethanol winds up as distillers …

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McDermott’s cap and trade alternative may have unintended consequences

Washington’s Congressman Jim McDermott just released a new climate plan, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it. It gets some things right, but it may cause some relatively serious problems too. Here’s how he described it in a …

Climate & Energy

Washington Post reporters call out George Will for lying in Washington Post

[SEE UPDATE BELOW] Today, Washington Post reporters Juliet Eilperin and Mary Beth Sheridan have a piece on the alarming decline of Arctic sea ice. In and of itself the story isn’t that surprising: scientists have known for a while that …