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Climate & Energy

Schwarzenegger for Obama Energy Secretary?

Until this weekend, the The Great Mentioner had Schwarzenegger on the shortlist for Obama Energy Secretary. That was the buzz in the Politico’s "Dems sketch Obama staff, Cabinet," and on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where Arnold said of …


The first commercial solar-powered radio station goes online

This is kind of cool, in a dorky way: More on KGO’s solar project.

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EDF’s video contest will spur creativity and innovation around cap-and-trade

This is a response to Joseph Romm’s post “Happy thoughts and fairy dust.” —– Nothing like some good, old-fashioned back-and-forth to keep bloggers — and blog readers? — engaged. EDF is organizing a video/graphics competition to ask for help in explaining, “What …

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Daylight saving wastes energy

You can’t save daylight by moving around the hands on your clock, of course. So daylight saving time remains as absurdly named as it ever was. As for saving energy, DST doesn’t do that either, according to most studies, as …

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Corporate Watchdog radio interview

Wherein I discuss the two candidates’ energy and environmental positions.

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In the wake of record-breaking profits, Exxon continues its fight to pay as little as possible to those scarred by its Exxon-Valdez oil spill.

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What pollsters can learn from climate modelers has an interesting piece on the confusing disparity among all of the polling being done for this election. In particular, "likely voter model design depends significantly on judgments that pollsters make about how to model the likelihood that any …

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The Senate and the union hall: Where American climate policy will succeed or fail

Democrats are salivating at the prospect of a 60-vote majority in the Senate, enough to override a veto and other procedural hurdles. They will almost certainly gain a commanding majority in the House. But environmentalists should realize the answer to …

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The next president should use the Clean Air Act to control greenhouse gas emissions

This essay was originally published at Yale Environment 360. —– The urgency of the current situation cannot be overemphasized: The latest scientific research tells us that global warming is accelerating at a rate beyond previous expectations, and that the window …