Climate & Energy

Something everyone can be the Saudi Arabia of

ACEEE on the carbon-free energy source no one talks about

What if there were a source of carbon-free energy that in a single year in the U.S. drew $300 billion in private investment, supported 1.6 …

Is Big Coal like Big Tobacco?

Suing energy companies for global warming damages

I don’t have strong opinions on suing energy companies over global warming, but the notion does seem somewhat suspect. For starters, they don’t really have …

Bringing 'round the House

The House is lagging behind the Senate on climate change

The Hill is ablaze with discussion of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which is expected to hit the Senate floor in early June. But on …

Thinking the unthinkable

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune wonders: The end of coal?

Animated map shows changes in a warming world

Gotta see it to believe it? Behold: Climate Change in Our World, a project from Google Earth and British environmental and meteorological offices that gives …

Sebelius …

… continues to kick ass.

Agitprop, enemy of the human race edition

A nice roundup of the clean coal PR campaign over on Salon.

Notable quotable

Limbaugh angry about being smarter than McCain

“It offends me that a man running for the president of the United States knows 10% of what I know about this. It offends me. …

Last flight out

Richard Heinberg bids adieu to cheap flight: The airline industry has no future. The same is true for airfreight. No air carrier has a viable plan to make a profit with oil at current prices -- much less in years to come as the petroleum available to world markets dwindles rapidly. That's not to say that jetliners will disappear overnight, but rather that the cheap flights we've seen in the past will soon be fading memories. In a few years jet service will be available only to the wealthy, or to the government and military.