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Climate & Energy

Hawaii lei’s out ambitious clean-energy plans

Hawaii’s largest utility has lei’d out plans to help the state source 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Hawaiian Electric Co. has promised to never break ground on another coal plant (yippee!) and will convert existing …

Climate & Energy

Government report criticizes U.S. plans for carbon dioxide burial

The following is a guest essay from Peter Montague, executive director of the Environmental Research Foundation. —– In the U.S. today we burn coal to make half of all our electricity. This coal emits about 1.9 billion metric tons of …

Climate & Energy

Green groups lose court battle to force Canada to abide by Kyoto Protocol

Green groups Friends of the Earth and Ecojustice Canada lost their court bid Monday to force the Canadian federal government to abide by a national law passed last year requiring the country to meet its Kyoto Protocol targets. As a …

Business & Technology

Washington Post editors join the ranks of the climate confused

The Post ran an editorial, “Cap and Return: Fight the recession or fight global warming? Congress can do both,” that is as confused as it is well-meaning. The Post supports strong action now, but they recycle a new inactivist talking …


Frontline documentary ‘Heat’ looks at the politics of global warming

The PBS program “Frontline” is premiering a new two-hour documentary about global warming on Tuesday night: Heat, produced by Martin Smith. Though it kicks off with discussion of melting icecaps, it’s way more heavy on the political side of the …

Climate & Energy

The dirty secret behind D.C.’s high-tech Virginia suburbs

There’s a chance the presidential election will come down to who wins the state of Virginia. And the key to winning Virginia comes down to who does well in the D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia. This area is an economic …

Climate & Energy

Green policies in California created 1.5 million jobs

A detailed new economic analysis “Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California” [PDF] finds: Over the past thirty-five years, innovative energy efficiency policies created 1.5 million additional fulltime jobs with a total payroll of over $45 billion. Looking forward, …

Climate & Energy

McCain ‘is not serious about clean energy and he has increasingly walked away from climate issue’

Andy Revkin has written a very fair-minded New York Times piece, "On Global Warming, McCain and Obama Agree: Urgent Action Is Needed." He notes: Both candidates say that human-caused climate change is real and urgent, and that they would sharply …

Climate & Energy

Vital realism

Bryan Walsh: “Shellenberger and Nordhaus have injected a vital strain of realism into an issue far too critical to founder on green dreams.” Discuss.