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Climate & Energy

U.S. climate envoy tells international gathering all the right things about climate

If you’re looking for rays of hope amidst the torrent of idiocy and bad news — not that I’m projecting — you could do worse than reading U.S. Climate Envoy Todd Stern’s speech to the recent international climate gathering in …

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Obama considering ‘cash-for-clunkers’ program

President Obama discusses the latest efforts to aide the U.S. auto industry. (White House photo) Did President Obama endorse a “cash for clunkers” program today? Maybe. In detailing the government’s latest efforts to shore up General Motors and the U.S. …

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A mandarin’s plea for climate action

New Year’s Day is not, I suppose, everyone’s idea of the best time to receive a sobering message. But like it or not, this year it happened to me. The message that popped into my inbox, unannounced and unexpected, would …

Climate & Energy

Obama calls for climate summit of the world’s biggest polluters

President Obama on Saturday announced that the United States is initiating a Major Economies Forum that will focus on energy and climate change, an attempt to bring the world’s biggest polluters together to discuss a path forward. “The Major Economies …

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New business coalition plans to flex its muscle on climate policy

Nike, Starbucks, eBay, and a handful of other big-name U.S. companies are putting forward a climate agenda that’s just as ambitious as that of many environmentalists, if not more so. The new coalition — Business for Innovative Climate and Energy …

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Jack Spadaro Needs to Rescue MSHA and OSM

Jack Spadaro is a singular figure in the mining world. With nearly 40 years of experience as a mine safety engineer and expert, Spadaro is one of those very rare government regulators who is revered alike by miners and coalfield …


Solar roadways

Randomly stumbled across this Solar Roadways idea yesterday. Doubt it will ever happen, but it’s a pretty nifty notion. AutoblogGreen also has a couple of posts on it: an introduction and an update from last year. See also Green Car …

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Doom, lobbyists, hypocrisy, and coal, oh my!

• Scientists now say that even stabilizing at a global average temperature level of 2C above pre-industrial — a commonly agreed upon goal that looks increasingly remote — will give us only a 50/50 chance of avoiding catastrophe. Awesome! • …

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More Congressional stupidity

This has to be seen to be believed.