Climate & Energy

Notable quotable

Global warming is no Mickey Mouse

“Really, who cares about Mickey Mouse … But if we can’t get global warming right? An easy question as fundamental as global warming? Then we’re really fucked.” — Creative Commons founder, intellectual property rights theorist, …

News flash: Newton's laws were 'overthrown'

Bizarre talking points of WaPo columnist Krauthammer

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the towering geniuses in all human history. Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer? Not so much. Krauthammer has written a classic anti-science screed, "Carbon Chastity: The First Commandment of the …

Nice way of life. Shame if something happened to it.

According to ACCCE, if we don’t use coal, we’ll have to wave goodbye to the American way of life:

Lieberman-Warner gets corporate support

Industry & green groups join up to back climate bill

A coalition of corporations, green groups, and unions issued a joint statement to senators yesterday declaring their support for the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which will hit the Senate floor on Monday. Among the endorsers …

Lethal injections

Science: Geo-engineering scheme damages the ozone layer

Science has published a major new study, "The Sensitivity of Polar Ozone Depletion to Proposed Geoengineering Schemes" ($ub. req'd). The study finds: The large burden of sulfate aerosols injected into the stratosphere by the eruption …

Slave ethanol?

Amnesty International: forced labor in Brazil’s sugarcane fields

As the case for corn-based ethanol unravels, a lot of pundits and green-minded investors have settled on a new panacea: ethanol from sugar cane, which thrives in the tropics. Thomas Friedman has been blustering about …

'We're the Saudi Arabia of coal'

Obama & Clinton shill for coal in Montana

The Flathead Beacon in Montana pinned down interviews with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary. The paper asked questions on domestic oil and gas drilling, the preservation of public …

The first 100 days

Obama says climate and energy would be top priorities at start of his admin

It’s a bit buried here, but Marc Ambinder notes that at a fundraiser in Denver on Wednesday night, Barack Obama said his first-100-day priorities would include sending a “signal to the world” on energy and …

Where's the green beef?

LCV urges prez candidates to be leaders on climate bill

The League of Conservation Voters just issued a statement on John McCain’s plans to skip out on next week’s voting on the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act. Spokespeople for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have said …