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Climate & Energy

Global warming is an important issue for undecided voters

So says a poll [PDF] done by Yale and George Mason Universities. Some highlights: Nearly two out of three undecided voters say that the presidential candidates’ positions on global warming will influence their vote in the upcoming election, according to …

Climate & Energy

Oil refineries are full of asbestos, not just carbon

I received this article about the connection between mesothelioma cancer and oil refineries via email along with a request to share it. As we continue to rely on oil, some will face worse consequences than losing their shirts. The original …

Climate & Energy

Khosla’s letter to Science backfires

Vinod Khosla has a letter in the Oct. 17 issue of Science ($ub. req’d) critiquing the Searchinger et al study: “U.S. croplands for biofuels increases greenhouse gases through emissions from land-use change.” Question: Why would the editors at Science publish …

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Gratitude for quirky wind entrepreneurs

This story about a quirky entrepreneur pursuing the first large-scale, floating-turbine, offshore wind project on the Oregon coast reminded me of this story of a quirky entrepreneur pursuing a massive offshore wind project on the Delaware coast. Both faced stiff …

Climate & Energy

Population growth and climate: The E.U.-15 vs. the U.S.

The relative population trends of the E.U.-15 and the United States seem to be a source of some confusion, if comments to my recent post on the European Union’s effort to meet its Kyoto targets are any indication. One commenter …


Palin can’t name a single man-made cause of climate change

Sarah Palin has now offered a variety of views on climate change. When asked about her changing rhetoric on the issue at the VP debate, Palin said, “There is something to be said also for man’s activities, but also for …

Climate & Energy

Feds boost geothermal energy development

Here’s some steamy action: The Department of Interior on Wednesday announced plans to open 97 million acres of public land in 12 states to geothermal energy development. The plan could more than quadruple the U.S.’s current output of underground-heat power, …

Climate & Energy

A talk that’s tougher than ‘the birds and the bees’

Here’s a gem from Sandra Steingraber, "The Big Talk," on how to talk to kids about climate change (or "how to tell a six-year-old where all the birds and bees have gone"). She discusses this tricky topic in greater depth …

Climate & Energy

My review of Tom Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded

I just noticed that my review of Tom Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded (along with two other books, from EDF’s Fred Krupp and RAN’s Mike Brune) is now available online in full, should anyone still be interested.