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Quick post-mortem on Lieberman-Warner

A quick post-mortem on this week's vote on the Climate Security Act, which was pulled from the Senate floor on Friday after its sponsors fell short of the 60 votes needed to proceed to final …

More on the McCain doubletalk express

McCain says Reid chose ‘to put politics above policy’

McCain's statement on Lieberman-Warner said this: ... it appears that for now, the Senate, at the direction of the Majority Leader, will choose to put politics above policy, and Congress will fail to act yet …

Revkin: Can tax-and-dividend break the political deadlock?

Now that L-W is dead, Barnes’ sky trust is looking good

Revkin speculates that Barnes' proposal is a way to break the deadlock stopping climate change legislation. I think he may be right. Tax emissions. (Or cap them and auction permits.) Refund the revenue to everybody. …

Greening the evangelicals

A new video about creation care

Another sharp new piece from the American News Project:

Country songs dedicated to your favorite climate personalities

Dedicated to the coal and nuclear industries: Lorrie Morgan's What Part of No Don't You Understand? Dedicated to Scott McClellan: Randy Travis' Pray for the Fish:

Avoiding <em>Weekend at Bernie's 2</em>

Post-post mortem on Boxer-Lieberman-Warner debate

OK, so the long-dead B-L-W bill got propped up and dragged around for a few days. (Tagline: B-L-W may be dead, but it's the life of the party!) But I think the debate was quite …

C.A.R.E. (Cap & Auction, Refund Everything)

Peter Barnes on cap-and-dividend in U.S. News & World Report

Peter Barnes' proposal is popping up everywhere these days, most recently in U.S. News and World Report. The idea is simple: Put a cap on emissions, and divide that cap into permits. Sell those permits …

Notable quotable

Bushism will endure

“There has occasionally been voiced the misimpression that a future administration will take a significantly different attitude towards climate than this administration.” — deputy national security adviser Dan Price

He rules their world

On the Drudge Report homepage right now: Gotta love those scare quotes.