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U.N. initiative urges green global economy

Fear not: The economic, food, and climate crises can be tackled in one fell swoop, says the United Nations Environment Program. The organization launched a Green Economy Initiative Wednesday, comparing it to Franklin Roosevelt’s Depression-tackling New Deal. “Investments will soon …

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ACEEE was doing state-level efficiency studies before state-level efficiency studies were cool

Everyone’s buzzing about the new study out of UC-Berkeley showing that California’s energy-efficiency measures have created 1.5 million jobs and saved residents $56 billion in energy costs since 1972. (See Joe Romm’s breakdown, or Brad’s.) Turns out efficiency works! While …

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Fate of House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming up in the air

The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at the start of the 110th Congress, is set to dissolve at the end of the month, reports The Hill. The authority and …

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Short-term cost assessment skews the CW on carbon regulations

Joe says Andy Revkin’s article on the candidates’ climate plans is reasonably fair, and I suppose I agree. It’s fair as a representation of conventional wisdom, if not particularly accurate as a representation of reality. (That’s not Revkin’s fault — …

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Regulating CO2 via the EPA would be a hugely significant move for the next president

Kate says: The Wall Street Journal spazzes out about Obama adviser Jason Grumet’s assertion that a President Obama would fight climate change under the Clean Air Act if Congress doesn’t move to address the issue within 18 months. In what …


Sierra Club launches new pushback campaign against coal propaganda

More like this please:


Defenders of Wildlife releases new ad on Palin and polar bears

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has a new ad, this one on Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and polar bears. It follows the group’s earlier ad on Palin’s support of aerial wolf hunting. “Sarah Palin’s active opposition to protections for …

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Google offers two Halloween tools to cut household energy costs

Photo: sascha First a tool to prevent drunk emailing; now this: The smarties at Google have put together some treats in time for Halloween so you won’t be tricked by household energy waste. A list of ways to lower your …

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming

‘Global warming comes from within’–Is heat at the Earth’s core the real cause of global warming?

(Part of the How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic guide) Objection: We all live on a thin crust that floats on a huge ball of molten iron, and at its core, the Earth’s temperature is over 5000 degrees C! …