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Climate & Energy

WSJ special package runs the energy gamut

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday produced a special report covering all things energy. The series warns that the gasoline engine won’t be phased out anytime soon; considers the newfound popularity of wood stoves and LED lights; takes a critical …

Climate & Energy

Renewable energy promotion policies: non-transparent or hidden

Tax credit policies One of the ways the gap between market price and feasible price of renewable energy plants has been bridged is through tax benefits to investors. Just as the oil and gas industries have enjoyed various tax benefits …

Climate & Energy

Physics For Future Presidents fails to deliver sound climate science

The following post is by Earl Killian, guest blogger at Climate Progress. —– We all bemoan the low level of scientific discourse in politics. So one might have high hopes for a course, textbook, and book for the general public …

Climate & Energy

Oh, not those special interests

The Science Debate folks got both the candidates to answer a list of 14 questions. (h/t Andy Revkin) Drawn from John McCain’s answer on climate policy: I am also committed to investing two billion dollars every year for the next …


‘Transition Towns’ get ink

The Christian Science Monitor — one of the best of a dying breed —does an excellent job on the "Transition Towns" movement here.

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Gregg Easterbrook still knows nothing about global warming — and less about clean energy

Slate magazine is seen as liberal, but is in fact just another status quo publication promoting a do-nothing policy on clean energy and global warming. Why else ask for a review of Tom Friedman’s new call to action, Hot, Flat, …


Senate energy event highlights importance of efficiency; Republicans don’t absorb the lesson

An early version of this post appeared on Get Energy Smart Now, with follow-up on Think Progress. —– The Senate held a Bipartisan Energy Summit on Friday, attended by some of the nation’s top experts from MIT, Google, CSIS, CERI, …

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How do we build (energy) infrastructure?

The enthusiasm for unregulated markets in the last 30 years of American public policy has obscured how large pieces of infrastructure get built. Unregulated markets, to work according to their ideal, require economic actors to be able to create competing …

Climate & Energy

Party leaders in the House exchange heated notes about energy policy

The House energy battle is underway again this week, with votes on a bill possible as early as tomorrow. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released an outline of the Democrats’ bill last week; it would open some new areas to offshore …