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Climate & Energy

Oh good grief

Now we’re running out of air?


Colbert on offshore drilling

As you can see toward the end there, everything comes down to the fact that nobody — outside of rarefied energy experts — believes that alternatives to fossil fuels are here, ready, and reliable. Everything …

Climate & Energy

Cleveland brewery attempts energy recyling yet is foiled by regulation

Last week Cleveland Scene wrote about a local brewery that is recovering its waste heat. They set out to convert the heat into electricity and useful steam for their brewery. In a great quote, the …

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Ginormous solar plants to be built in California

Two gigantic solar plants will be built in California under deals announced Thursday between utility Pacific Gas & Electric and companies OptiSolar and Sun Power. Together, the plants could generate 800 megawatts of electricity at …

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‘Clean’ coal pollutes more, finds new study

This should be obvious, but of course you never hear it mentioned in stories about carbon capture and sequestration (CCS): capturing and sequestering carbon requires lots of energy; thus, plants that do it have to …

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On energy, survey results show public favors supply, increasingly favors Republicans

New polling from Rasmussen confirms current D.C. scuttlebutt: Republicans are winning on energy. The reason can be boiled down to this: Voters overwhelmingly want prices brought down, they’re convinced that increasing supply is the way …

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans support offshore drilling, says poll

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support offshore drilling, if a new Rasmussen poll can be believed (and considering the phrasing of past polls, that’s arguable). The recent survey shows 64 of Americans in support of drilling …

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The internets weigh in on drilling

A few bits and pieces from around the internets on the drilling issue. Rick Hertzberg has a piece on his New Yorker blog about arguments against drilling. He points out that most of the opportunistic …

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From earth2tech: In the last two days, the Department of Energy has announced $24 million worth of new investments in solar energy while also revealing it’s putting a whopping $340 million into yet more clean …