Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Will Obama create a new energy council, as recommended by the Center for American Progress?

A year ago, the policy wonks at the Center for American Progress laid out a plan for what they’d like to see the next president do on a variety of issues, including energy and climate change [PDF]. The plan includes …

Climate & Energy

IEA forecasts boom in renewables through 2030

The influential International Energy Agency has released its annual report on world energy demand, predicting that renewables will make big gains worldwide, increasing their overall market share 5 percent to meet 23 percent of the world’s total energy needs by …

Climate & Energy

Japan’s emissions hit record levels

Last year, Japan’s greenhouse-gas emissions reached record levels, hitting 1.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent — an increase of some 2.3 percent. Much of the rise was due to an earthquake shutting down the world’s largest nuclear plant in northwestern …


New report suggests that half of U.S. states could meet their energy needs with in-state resources

The New Rules Project just released a comprehensive new report containing some interesting results: The data in this report, while preliminary, suggest that at least half of the fifty states could meet all their internal energy needs from renewable energy …

Climate & Energy

Wisconsin doesn’t want no stinkin’ coal plant

Wisconsin regulators on Tuesday unanimously rejected Alliant Energy’s proposal to build a new coal-fired power plant, in large part due to concerns over — you betcha — climate change.

Climate & Energy

What’s the best way to phase out the huge fleet of aging coal plants?

The anti-coal movement has a lot to celebrate right now. Of the 151 coal plants on the drawing boards as of the May 2007 report by the Energy Department, 82 have now been abandoned, blocked, or placed on hold. In …

Climate & Energy

The Economist blows it on the Green New Deal

The Economist is probably the smartest newsweekly going, so it’s pretty stunning how bad this editorial is. It shows an almost willful disengagement with Obama’s proposals. The editorial argues that the newly popular idea of a Green New Deal is …

Climate & Energy

Dems willing to keep Lieberman so he can work on energy issues

Senate Democrats are trying to figure out what to do with Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), after the former Democrat (who still caucuses with the party) campaigned aggressively for Republican John McCain. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn’t seem to be pushing …

Business & Technology

Big-money investors urge global climate deal

In a letter timed to kick policymakers in the pants before an upcoming United Nations climate summit, more than 130 investors holding more than $6 trillion in assets urged world leaders to rassle up a binding agreement to reduce global …