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Climate & Energy

Vatican goes solar

The 2,400 solar panels covering the roof of a giant concert hall in the Vatican were activated on Wednesday. And seeing that now the pope is open to solar systems, Galileo shook his fist in his grave.


Some leftovers to browse before T-Giving

I’ve got about 40 tabs open in my browser, and that’s no way to go into a holiday weekend. Time for an old-fashioned link-fest! —– I never managed to say anything about it, but novelist Ian McEwan had a delightfully …

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BLM backs off from plan to allow oil drilling near Utah national parks

The Bureau of Land Management on Tuesday partially backed off from unpopular plans to open land near Utah national parks to oil and gas drilling. BLM deferred leasing about one-third of the 93 tracts that the National Park Service had …

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Nov. 28 is deadline for comment on whether EPA should regulate emissions

The public has two more days to weigh in on whether the Environmental Protection Agency should regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. In July, the Bush administration was supposed to issue a plan on how the government …

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You know your regulatory incentives are perverse when …

… a drop in electricity demand signals an enormous crisis for the industry responsible for powering America. I do not want a publicly supported monopoly industry whose health depends on rising greenhouse-gas emissions. Pretty sure we should be aiming the …

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Obama forms recovery council with climate-action advocate at helm

In his third press conference in as many days, Barack Obama today signaled once again that environment and energy issues will be at the heart of his administration’s efforts to fix the ailing economy. The president-elect said he will appoint …

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Getting past the prologue redux

In his essay on Obama and climate change, novelist Ian McEwan says this: The burning forests, the dissolving coral reefs, the extinction of species — we have numbed ourselves with these familiar litanies. During the past 30 years we have …

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Like the interstate system, a new electrical grid would revolutionize power transmission

Cross posted at the NDN blog. —– Should the federal government build or incent others to build a new electron superhighway? In other words, a backbone for a 21st century electrical grid? At NDN’s recent event on clean infrastructure, Rep. …


L.A. will go big with solar power under mayor’s plan

Los Angeles will source one-tenth of its energy from solar power by 2020 under a plan unveiled Monday by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Considering the town’s many celebrities, a plan to tap star power is certainly forthcoming.