Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Summit sprint

The summit has a jam-packed schedule today — I talked to one of the organizers from CAP and he said "it’s because people kept wanting to talk!" I’ll try to keep up throughout the day.

Climate & Energy

Note to media: Enough with the multiple hedges on climate science!

In an otherwise fascinating story on the growing “icebreaker gap” in the rapidly defrosting Arctic Ocean, NYT reporter Andy Revkin writes: Even with the increasing summer retreats of sea ice, which many polar scientists say probably are being driven in …

Business & Technology

Electric-car visionary would overhaul the way we get around

Could the global auto infrastructure be overhauled in a way that’s profitable for business, cheap for drivers, and easy on the planet? Meet Better Place‘s Shai Agassi and his plans for an electric-car future, featured in the latest issue of …

Climate & Energy

McCain suggests renegotiating Colorado River compact to benefit Ariz., Nev., and Calif.

What epic gaffe could unite Colorado’s Democratic Senator Ken Salazar — “over my dead body” — and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer — “Over my cold, dead, political carcass“? That would be Arizona Senator John McCain telling The Pueblo …

Climate & Energy

Bill Clinton gets into the weeds of energy policy

Photo: Brent Danley On Monday, Bill Clinton gave the opening remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit, speaking for almost an hour and taking questions for another 30 minutes. The energy issue is hot politics these days, but those hoping …

Climate & Energy

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he’d invest in clean energy

The Wall Street Journal asked House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) how he would spend $10 billion of the country’s monetary resources. He says it should be spent on clean energy: A dramatic investment in clean energy would be the …

Climate & Energy

A roundup of energy and climate news from the U.K.

Like pretty much every other English person I know, I’m currently on holiday in France. The Vendee region makes for a pleasant alternative to Britain at this time of year, and just down the road is La Rochelle, which was …


Speaker’s radio address aimed at blunting GOP message on energy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took up the “drill more, drill now” refrain Saturday in the Democrats’ weekly radio address, offering up a list of policy proposals intended to show that Democrats do indeed care about high gas and energy …

Climate & Energy

Reid pulls together Dem bigwigs (and T. Boone) to hash over energy policy

I’m here at UNLV for the National Clean Energy Summit being thrown by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Center for American Progress. I guess they’re playing off Las Vegas’s international reputation for bringing water and air conditioning to …