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Climate & Energy


Gag, You’re It

Congress revisits issue of feds messing with climate science You've seen this show before, but now it's bigger, longer, and uncut: a heated hearing in Congress has exposed dark truths about federal interference with climate science. Brandishing more than 180 examples of doubt-injecting edits made to three climate reports, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform grilled some of the key keep-it-quiet players. Grillees included oil-shill-turned-White-House-official-turned-oil-shill Philip Cooney and former Bush campaigner and NASA press officer George Deutsch, who resigned when his resume proved fake. Can you feel the trust and goodwill welling up? Top NASA scientist James Hansen …


Somewhere, Stalin Is Chuckling

Siberian mine disaster kills more than 100, rescuers search for survivors The world may be addicted to oil, but it's coal that's doing us in. An explosion at a Siberian coal mine on Monday killed 106 workers, and rescuers were still searching for a handful of missing people today. While 93 lucky bastards escaped with their lives, the accident -- caused by a build-up of methane at a depth of nearly 890 feet -- is said to be Russia's worst mining disaster in a decade. So, must have been a creaky, outdated, unsafe facility, right? Nyet. The mine, about 2,000 …

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The IPCC: conservative?

A case can be made

Is the fourth assessment report from the IPCC a conservative document? David Biello makes the case.


NYT on Waxman hearing

Here's an account of Waxman's hearing from NYT's Revkin (who got this whole story going last year) and Wald. I think it supports my basic contention that nothing big happened, just a lot of quibbling over whether or not Cooney should have been editing. (An updated version.)


The latest debate on 'overselling' climate science


Two meteorologists say that climate scientists are "overplaying" the climate threat (which they concede is real and urgent). Another scientist responds that, yeah, we shouldn't overplay the threat, but the threat is real and urgent. As so often with this immeasurably vapid debate, the slightest bit of scrutiny reveals that there is very little substantive difference in what the scientists in question believe. Two larger points: The disagreement is almost entirely over tone -- whether the appropriate number of caveats and hedges are attached, whether the adjectives are overly emotive, whether the precise degree of probability is made clear. But …

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Final reflections on this morning's Waxman hearing

Quit arguing about the science already

I just got done talking with Betsy Rosenberg at EcoTalk about the Waxman hearings. More on that in a sec, but first of all: EcoTalk is one of the only national radio shows that focuses purely on environmental issues. It's a fantastic source of commentary and ideas on green topics. Right now, the show's in a bit of a crisis and needs to raise a chunk of money by the end of the week. Please read this and consider helping out of you can. Now, the hearing. I missed the beginning -- a good chunk of the Cooney and Deutsch …


Wednesday must-see TV

Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-wacko

If you thought today's fireworks were entertaining, wait for Wednesday. Gore will address the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-mano. Or, more accurately, mano-a-wacko. Pass the popcorn.


Spencer's testimony at Waxman committee


Ah. It's clear that Roy Spencer's sole role before the committee is to establish that "Clinton did it too." Also, he's whining that Hansen was allowed to say whatever he wanted and he had to keep his skepticism to himself. When the stories broke he said he was happy they were finally asking Hansen to obey the rules. Also, he's making the (by now familiar) claim that any skeptical scientist is bullied. Oh, look, now he's citing Roger Pielke Jr.'s testimony! That established that everyone mixes science and politics, so why should we pick on the Bush administration? I'm sure …


Videos from Waxman hearing

Good fun

Here's Waxman's opening: And here's Welch v. Deutsch:


'Creation care' embraces climate change

Evangelical environmental movement gathering strength

For some Christians, teaching the science of climate change contradicts religious beliefs. But a growing group of evangelical environmentalists has been working to change that view. For a few years, Richard Cizik, the Vice President for Governmental Affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals, has spoken out as passionately in favor of addressing climate change as he has against abortion, gay marriages or embryonic stem-cell research. You can read an interview with him at Grist and hear one from NPR. Despite his being isolated by several other religious leaders, Cizik is not alone. The New York Times has also featured …

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