Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Russian researchers abandon shrinking ice floe

Russian scientists are evacuating early from their research base on a shrinking Arctic ice floe. Last April, the floe was sturdy enough to build an air strip on. In September, 21 researchers and two dogs …

Climate & Energy

Climate action requires leadership beyond political ‘reasonableness’

This post is by ClimateProgress guest blogger Bill Becker, executive director of the Presidential Climate Action Project. Let's face it: The Bush Administration has made a mess of things, as noted in "Hog heaven, part …

Business & Technology

New business coalition wants cheaper energy, stat

A group of businesses has kicked off a new campaign with the goal of making energy cheaper by whatever means possible. The new Coalition for Affordable American Energy — not to be confused with, ahem, …


CBS interviews oil man Pickens on his new greenish plan

I was gone last week when T. Boone Pickens’ big energy plan came out and everyone was buzzing about it. CBS has a new interview with him, done by Katie Couric, who actually asks some …

Climate & Energy

Cost-benefit analysis can help environmentalists battle offshore drilling

In a time of fiscal crisis, environmentalists will have to make a strong case against the economic wisdom of offshore oil drilling to ensure that Congress does not pay dearly for its continued opposition.

Business & Technology

Nuke-power company Exelon announces big emissions cuts by 2020

Nuclear-power company Exelon today launched a program it says will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by over 16 million tons a year by 2020 — more than the company’s current total annual emissions. The company’s plan calls …

Climate & Energy

Plasma TVs and solar cells not so bad after all

A recent Grist article shared a bit in some of the panic about NF3 and plasma TVs. If all the NF3 manufactured were released, it warns, it would have a warming effect equivalent to that …


Transportation sector lies at the root of U.S. energy problem

This is a guest essay from Jack D. Hidary, chair of and the Freedom Prize Foundation. It was originally published on the Huffington Post and is republished here with the author's permission. The price …

Climate & Energy

Bush administration boosts solar, big-time — in Iraq, natch

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