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Climate & Energy

Obama’s ‘support’ for dirty energy contains conditional clauses that make all the difference

In part the first I made four points about political context: Obama’s no ordinary candidate — given his considerable political liabilities, he is at unique pains to appear reasonable and post-partisan and unexotic. The American people are all-of-the-above on energy …


Architecture 2030’s challenge targets would provide five times the energy as offshore and nuclear

Because America’s energy crisis is adversely impacting our economy and national security, it is critical to take a realistic look at the energy solutions currently being proposed by politicians, industry, and the media. Architecture 2030 in its latest E-News Bulletin …


Castens on TV

The Chicago NBC affiliate recently interviewed Tom Casten about waste heat recovery.  Granted, they chose the second-most attractive member of the Casten family for the eye-candy … but other than that, I think it’s a decent video.

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NOAA’s arctic report card shows stronger effects of warming in Greenland and permafrost

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its annual Arctic report card with grim findings: Temperature increases, a near-record loss of summer sea ice, and a melting of surface ice in Greenland are among some of the evidence of …

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European Union sticks by GHG plan, United Kingdom goes for 80 percent cut

Eastern Europeans and others seeking to use the current financial meltdown as an excuse to roll back climate commitment have failed (for now). The BBC reports: European Union leaders agreed to stick to their plan to cut greenhouse gases — …

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Cloud Cult story the Weather Channel doesn’t want to share

ForecastEarth, the eco-focused show on the Weather Channel, did a great piece on the band Cloud Cult last week. (Follow Grist’s Cloud Cult obsession here.) However, they have chosen not to make the video embeddable on other sites, despite using …

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Grist poll: Which candidate has bucked his base more on the environment?

Now that we know both presidential candidates are OK with occasionally being unpopular — especially when it comes to the environment — who do you think has differed more from his base on this issue? </object&gt Quizzes by

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Obama cannot politically afford to take the kind of bold green stances enviros are hungry for

At Wednesday night’s debate, in the course of arguing that he is not overly beholden to his party or interest groups, Obama said something that is predictably provoking umbrage among enviros: "I support clean coal technology. Doesn’t make me popular …

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Squabbling threatens E.U.’s climate goals

The European Union’s climate goals emerged intact but shaky from a squabble-y summit held this week. The bloc is still aiming for a December deadline to finalize a specific action plan to reduce emissions 20 percent from 1990 levels by …