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Climate & Energy

More than $6 billion pledged to boost clean-tech in developing countries

Industrialized countries have promised to put more than $6.1 billion in the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds, which aim to boost clean technologies and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in developing countries. On Friday, the United States pledged $2 billion over three …

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House passes bill not to Bush’s liking, endangering tax credits for renewables

The House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill to extend billions of dollars in renewable-energy tax credits — an action that may mean the tax credits don’t get extended at all. Confused? Let us explain. The House bill, like …

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Pulitzers await the enterprising journalist who digs into the RGGI efficiency story

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the first legally binding cap-and-trade system in the hemisphere, kicked off yesterday with the world’s largest carbon credit auction. The program immediately failed. I don’t know anything about the results of the auction, which won’t …


Vital video

The best concise explanation of the climate tipping points I’ve seen (11 min.): Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

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U.K. eco-watchdog: No more coal without CCS

The U.K.’s environmental watchdog agency, aptly called the Environment Agency, has called for the government to prevent the construction of any further coal plants without carbon capture and sequestration. This has always struck me as the issue that every green …

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Last year’s world CO2 emissions exceeded most dire IPCC predictions

The world’s carbon dioxide emissions in 2007 exceeded even some of the direst predictions of climate scientists, growing 3 percent from 2006 according to an annual report from the Global Carbon Project. The climb in overall emissions last year was …

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Danish P.M. urges United States to reengage in climate talks

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is in the United States this week to encourage engagement in the negotiations over a new global climate pact between now and the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled to take place in Copenhagen …

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Senate Democrats propose a new economic stimulus package

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) have unveiled a $56.2 billion “economic recovery package” that includes funding for things like public transit, home weatherization, and environmental cleanup. With time running out on …

ReGeneration Road Trip: Grist and Dell hit the road in search of a sustainable future

On the road to Vegas, we spot two wind farms

Todd and I left San Francisco with one thing on our minds: “Vegas, baby!” But as we drove the long, hot, dry (did I mention long?) roads to Nevada, we got distracted by something shiny! wind turbines on a hill in …