Climate & Energy

What’s up with the climate conference in Bali?

Have you been hearing chatter at cocktail parties and on witty webzines about a big climate-change bash in Bali? Wondering what the deal is? We’re so glad you asked. The action in Bali isn’t on …

Businesses urge policy for cutting greenhouse-gas emissions

More than 150 international companies have signed on to a petition begging diplomats meeting in Bali next week to come up with policy aimed at cutting global greenhouse-gas emissions at least in half by 2050. …

Rep. Markey on the energy bill

Climate media challenges

New briefing finds improvement but new challenges for climate reporting

A short new briefing (PDF) from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) says that media coverage of climate change has improved, but still shows several flaws: • There are many criticisms of how …

Coal's desperate campaign for survival

A multi-million dollar ad campaign tries to convince Americans that coal still rules

Today’s Progress Report from CAP has a great rundown on the clean coal industry and the presidential debates. I’ve put the whole thing under the fold. Read it and weep: Viewers tuning into Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube …

Laissez unfair

In his typically succinct way, Atrios captures something essential about energy policy, modern-day conservatism, and Rudy Giuliani: Jim Cramer is interviewing Rudy. I don’t have the sound on, but the captions are funny. First one. …

Response to Jeremy Carl, part three

The question for China and India is not whether to make the transition away from coal, but how soon

In part one I made the point that if China and India develop along the same path as the West, we’re all doomed. This fact is becoming increasingly clear to everyone. One way or another, …

Another distraction debunked

Fertilizing the ocean with iron looks to be just so much ... fertilizer.

U.S. could slash emissions at little cost through boosted efficiency, says report

The U.S. could significantly slash its greenhouse-gas emissions “at manageable costs to the economy,” says a new study from consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Assuming no significant change in consumer lifestyle, researchers did an in-depth …

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