Climate & Energy


Will an obstinate Senate help heat up the planet?

Will the Kigali agreement to curb HFCs need to be ratified by the Senate? If so, the chamber is sure to block it.


Rubio’s new climate excuse: “I am 100 percent in favor of mitigation, if in fact sea levels are rising.”

Welcome to Rubio's new excuse. At least he's not a scientist.

jill who? gary what?

John Oliver just skewered ALL the presidential candidates.

The Last Week Tonight host points out the issues with Jill Stein's and Gary Johnson's proposals.

Social circle jerk

You’re getting a skewed view of this election

Liberals and conservatives absorb totally different streams of news, thanks in part to social media. Here’s how to broaden your perspective.

dakota access

A judge has thrown out Amy Goodman’s riot charges for reporting on Dakota Access.

Tribe members and environmentalists are still getting arrested in droves.

Grist Exclusive

In wake of Wikileaks, Clinton’s campaign chair seeks to reassure climate activists

In an exclusive interview with Grist, John Podesta tells us that Hillary Clinton is sincere in her commitment to fighting climate change.

Broken Record

You know the drill: 11 of the last 12 months hit record high temps.

September 2016 beat the last hottest September by a hair.

Cool deal

Nearly every country in the world has agreed to cut back on a potent greenhouse gas.

The deal cuts the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which have roughly 1,000 times more heat-trapping capacity than carbon dioxide.

CO2 little, too late

Relying on future tech to suck up carbon is rolling the dice with the planet

Scientists are trying to develop negative-emissions technologies. Will they work?