Climate & Energy

Meet the fixer: This entrepreneur helps the solar industry compete.

Utilities keep solar companies in the dark. Elena Lucas brings energy data into the light.

meat halfway

Given up hope on vegetarianism? Meet a reducetarian.

Even commitment-phobes can (almost) kick that meat habit.

Ice, ice bergy

Gigantic icebergs have come to Canada, and the internet is losing its mind.

"Iceberg Alley" is open for tourists.

put a solar panel on it

A coal company is literally putting a solar farm on top of an old coal mine.

Dead coal mine? Put a solar panel on it!

get the picture?

The Bureau of Land Management website got a fossil fuel makeover.

The agency swapped a picture of wholesome hikers for a massive seam of coal.

Meet the fixers: These teens sued for environmental justice.

Oil and gas drilling in cities puts people of color at risk. L.A. youth groups sued their city to clean up its act.

A bright spot

The world’s biggest petrostate just set its sights on wind and solar expansion.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest exporter of oil, but it wants to green up its energy use at home.


California is gearing up to pass a cap-and-trade law. Again.

California's cap-and-trade law could get a much-needed revamp.

burn notice

Why people have to learn to live with wildfires

The best way for forests to adapt to climate change is for them to burn.