Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Jeb Bush had some surprising things to say about energy subsidies

The problem with universally condemning energy subsidies is that they're not all the same.

Climate & Energy

A look at California’s ambitious climate plans

California has a rough road ahead on climate change.

Climate & Energy

James Hansen’s new climate study is terrifying, but he still has hope

The famed climate scientist thinks leading nations will adopt a climate fee -- and if it happens soon enough, it could save us from the worst.

Climate & Energy

Shell gets the final go-ahead to drill in the Arctic

The Obama administration says sure, go for it. Hey, what could go wrong?

Climate & Energy

O’Malley connects climate change and security, Republicans think it’s a gaffe

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley talked about the link between climate and violence, and conservatives just didn’t get it.

Climate & Energy

Wind power could get its tax breaks back

The Senate is moving toward restoring a key tax credit for the wind energy industry. But the House might not play along.

Goo Riddance

These carbon-hungry blobs could help fix our oceans

Salps, which look and feel pretty gross, are also tiny climate-change fighters.

Climate & Energy

It takes how many megawatts to power a Dallas Cowboys game?

Eight stats on pro sports' environmental footprint.

Babe Alert!

When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to chill

If the world's going to fall apart, you might as well accomplish everything that you want to.