Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Shell has given up on Arctic Ocean drilling, but Big Oil still wants to get into the Arctic Refuge

The fight for Alaska's oil isn't over yet.


What do Republicans think about clean energy?

A new poll finds some encouraging numbers suggesting that "climate-conscious conservative" is not a contradiction in terms.

Climate & Energy

China’s climate action plan is pushing Brazil and other big developing countries to step up

Brazil is now the first major developing country to pledge absolute reductions in emissions -- and for that, you can thank China.

Business & Technology

Under realistic driving conditions, diesel cars emit a lot of extra pollution

Volkswagen isn't the only one with misleading emissions data.

Business & Technology

The new Tesla SUV is perfect for paranoid billionaires who care about the climate

The all-electric Model X has a bioweapon defense mode, "Back to the Future" doors, and a $130,000 price tag.

Climate & Energy

Volkswagen emissions cheating caused $100 million in health costs, according to analysis

Excess pollution from Volkswagen's deception took a hefty toll on human health.

Climate & Energy

Want to slow climate change? Stop killing sharks

Shark culling could cut back the ocean's ability to sequester carbon along its coastlines, thus accelerating climate change.

Climate & Energy

Why do other planets get official protection against pollution, but not Earth?

There's no planetary protection officer for Earth (but there is one for Mars).

There’s a government conspiracy behind the California drought, so says this guy

Dane Wigington (real name!) claims the government is controlling the weather by spraying chemicals from airplanes.