Climate & Energy

coy pond

You don’t get Leonardo DiCaprio by being this thirsty, people.

It's called "playing hard to get," and you are all terrible at it.

warming world

Alaska Native youth view warmer weather as the norm.

It's no wonder: Alaska's warming at twice the rate.

laissez faire enough

Gary Johnson on climate: Eh, the sun will destroy the planet eventually anyway

The Libertarian candidate believes global warming is a moot point.

Ad it up

Big business is diving into the fight over the Dakota Access pipeline.

Can you guess what side they're on?

Trump change

The scandal-embroiled Trump Foundation once donated to a climate advocacy group.

Seems kinda odd considering that Donald Trump has repeatedly called climate change a hoax.


How climate change is screwing up your favorite season

Enjoy the autumn while it lasts.

Full steam ahead

What kind of water heater is greenest?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk warms to the topic and assesses the options.

climate security

Obama forces national security agencies to consider climate change.

The Pentagon would agree with Obama. Republicans, not so much.

Song of Ice and Fire

Greenland has lost more ice in the last few years than we thought.

Scientists realize even more ice is melting into the oceans -- 7.6 percent more.