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Texans are freaking out over this natural gas pipeline — with good reason

The Trans-Pecos pipeline would carry gas from Texas fields down to Mexico, right through the pristine Big Bend region.

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Here’s a radical idea: Climate activists need to engage conservatives

When U.S. climate activists talk about diversity, they don't mean political diversity. But to make real progress, we'll need conservatives too.


Can the sharing economy get this guy from Seattle to London by bike?

Former Grist fellow Sam Bliss just gave away most of his belongings and set off for the other side of the world. Here's hoping karma is really a thing.

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Shell knows climate change is real, but it wants to drill in the Arctic anyway

Here's the real story behind Shell’s climate change rhetoric.

The Paddle in Seattle

You have to see these pictures of Seattle’s kayaking climate protesters

The kayaktivists came out by the hundreds to protest Shell's plans to use Seattle as a staging ground for its Arctic drilling plans.

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How shame could help California conserve water

Naming the biggest water wasters would cut down on excess water use. Too bad Californians can't find out who they are.

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Your Netflix addiction is screwing the climate

While you binge-watched the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix data centers were spewing carbon.

Green Screen

Mad Max: Fury Road may be the Anthropocene at its worst — but it makes for pretty sick cinema

In Mad Max: Fury Road, humanity has done the irrevocable damage it had long been warned about, and now lives out its final days in mayhem.

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The 4 big climate trends we’re tracking this year

From Paris to pipelines, here's what Grist is paying close attention to -- and how you can help.