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Check out Hamburg’s 2 new climate-friendly neighborhoods

The fast-growing German city has a shortage of housing, so it's turning old shipping areas into new green developments.

Climate & Energy

What will green groups demand in Paris, and how will they try to get it?

American climate activists will be lobbying negotiators during the U.N. climate talks. Here’s their game plan.

Business & Technology

BP could claim a massive tax write-off from Deepwater oil spill penalties

If the DOJ doesn't act, the oil giant could see a $5 billion windfall.

Climate & Energy

If the fracking boom fizzles, will climate action fizzle, too?

A glut of oil and gas in the U.S. has made key environmental policies more politically palatable. What will happen if that glut ends?

Climate & Energy

Watch Jeff Goldblum explain the Clean Power Plan in a Funny or Die video

Here’s a spoof about what goes on behind polluters’ closed doors.

Climate & Energy

This map shows which countries are squandering the most money on fossil fuel subsidies

G20 nations spend $452 billion each year on fossil fuel subsidies. But some countries are at least starting to reform those programs.

Climate & Energy

Map shows where Volkswagen’s extra pollution has the worst impacts in California

The interactive tool shows a pollution and poverty index, VW diesel cars, and electric vehicle stations.

Climate & Energy

France forbids massive climate march in wake of Paris attacks

The huge rally planned for the U.N. climate summit is canceled due to "the heightened security situation" in Paris.


Canada’s new prime minister will no longer censor scientists, unlike the last one

Canadian scientists are finally free to speak about their research, even if it involves *gasp* climate change.