Climate & Energy

really windy city

Chicago wants to dominate in renewable energy.

In eight years, the city plans to power its public buildings with 100 percent clean energy.

We Did This To Ourselves

Our plan for Earth Day is to ponder whether feminism is dead.

Why don't we celebrate fossil fuels on Earth Day? Why don't we celebrate Chris Brown on International Women's Day?

that's a fact

March for Science organizers say April 22 is just the beginning

They plan on kickstarting a global movement.

wake-up call

A black community in Oakland says pollution is violating its civil rights.

Life expectancy near the Port of Oakland is nine years shorter than in more affluent pockets of the city.

coral exam

The Great Barrier Reef has been brutally bleached for the second year in a row.

This is the first time the world's most famous coral reef has been hit by major bleaching events in such rapid succession.

Listen up

S-Town, the most talked-about podcast of the year, is delving into climate grief.

The seven-part Southern audio drama was downloaded over 10 million times within a few hours of its release.

green acres

Farmers could lead the way on climate action. Here’s how.

They would benefit economically and politically.

California rulin'

California’s cap-and-trade program isn’t a tax, court rules

The ruling could help the state meet its ambitious climate targets.

Neil: a done deal

You can expect Neil Gorsuch to be bad news for the environment.

Our new Supreme Court justice has a record of siding with corporations and blocking environmentalists' cases from proceeding in court.