Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

California communities fight back against crude by rail

When Ed Ruszel discovered the prospect of a 25-fold increase in the amount of crude-by-rail, he and his community in Benicia started speaking up.

Climate & Energy

How to set aside your anxieties and join the Black Lives Matter movement

You want to show your support, but you don’t know how to do it. Here are a few ideas from those who have made the leap.

Climate & Energy

Millions of crabs swarm Australia for a giant beach party

But climate change could disrupt their spectacular annual migration.

Climate & Energy

Red states more likely to be burned by climate change

The people who deny climate change are most likely to suffer from it.

Climate & Energy

Fossil fuel companies grow nervous as divestment movement grows stronger

As the old adage goes, if you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.


Blackfish, dwindling revenues sink SeaWorld’s CEO

A film shot on a shoestring has gone from a publicity problem to a serious financial threat for the corporate theme-park giant.

disco inferno

Magic disco ball tells you everything you need to know about climate change

Climate researchers and data viz whizzes from Norway make the IPCC report into an interactive presentation of the world's future.

Climate & Energy

How regular people are fixing the international palm-oil industry

Consumers putting pressure on big food companies made the difference in getting big palm-oil traders to commit to changing their ways, an advocate says.


The new federal budget is chock-full of goodies for pollutocrats

The bill has favors for the coal and oil industries, cuts for the EPA, giveaways for big banks, and looser rules for rich political donors.

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