Climate & Energy

climate security

Obama forces national security agencies to consider climate change.

The Pentagon would agree with Obama. Republicans, not so much.

Song of Ice and Fire

Greenland has lost more ice in the last few years than we thought.

Scientists realize even more ice is melting into the oceans -- 7.6 percent more.

green thumb

Lawns are for suckers. Plant a garden — for the climate!

A new study finds home gardening could make major contributions to fighting climate change.

Wet prince of bel air

Who pumped millions of gallons of water during California’s drought?

Extensive research reveals the water hogs of Bel Air.

the motion of the ocean

Wave power has finally come to the United States.

In Hawaii, the first successful U.S. wave-energy project is online.

Exxon Immobile

The federal government is investigating ExxonMobil’s accounting related to climate change.

This comes as Exxon is already under investigation by states for possibly lying to the public about climate science.

It takes poo to tango

A new car from Toyota runs on a very renewable resource: human waste.

The Toyota Mirai is powered by hydrogen fuel, which can be made from poop.


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Animal wrongs

Donald Trump might appoint an oil executive and anti-animal rights activist to head the Interior Department.

Forrest Lucas, whose company makes motor oil, recently financed a movie that's critical of animal protection groups.