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Florida mayors to Marco Rubio: Stop ignoring climate change

Fifteen Florida leaders have a message for the presidential hopeful.

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Doomsday Clock says the world is still pretty screwed despite the Paris accord

But don't worry -- this isn't a real clock, just a symbol of how freaked out people are.

Climate dystopia is here: Zika virus prompts calls for women to stop having babies

The virus is spread by mosquitoes — mosquitoes whose range increases as the temperature does.

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How to tell the story of climate change, in photos

It's surprisingly hard to find images that illustrate the drama of climate change activism. A new study tries to understand why.


What do racism and poverty have to do with pollution and climate change?

Watch our video explain why environmental justice is a critical part of planning a green future that’s good for everyone.

If Mike Bloomberg really cares about climate change, he won’t run for president

The former mayor of New York is thinking of running as a third-party candidate -- which would help get a climate-denying Republican elected.

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Hare today, food tomorrow: Snowshoe hares face climate change

After the snow melts, the hare's bright white coat attracts the attention of predators.

Record hot years near impossible without human-made climate change

There's just a 0.01 percent chance that recent run of global heat records could have happened due to natural climate variations, a new study shows.

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Supreme Court does energy conservation a solid

Pound it, SCOTUS.