Climate & Energy

There will be flood

Hurricane Matthew may be over, but the waters haven’t receded yet in parts of North Carolina.

About 2,000 rescues have been made in hurricane-hit areas of the state, and more than a thousand people still need rescuing.

deepwater horizon

6 years after Deepwater Horizon oil spill, thousands of people are still sick

The disaster took a heavy toll on public health in the Gulf.

Burn notice

Forest fires are getting bigger, and yep, it’s definitely our fault.

“Duh,” you say -- but now we have numbers.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew’s toll continues to climb.

Although Matthew has been downgraded to an offshore, post-tropical cyclone, the danger of flood rapids remains life-threatening.

The court end of the stick

A federal court has dealt a blow to protestors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

But the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, leaders of the anti-pipeline campaign, vow to fight on.

bone heads

Our newest American hero is the only person who’s asked about energy policy in the debates.

We don’t eat the meat, but we sure like the Ken Bone.

Low energy

We fact-checked what Trump and Clinton said about energy at the debate

Donald Trump told a few lies about energy during Sunday's debate, while Hillary Clinton reiterated her warm feelings for natural gas.

Election 2016

Trump wants to keep burning coal for 1,000 years.

Despite a short exchange on energy, climate change continues to be marginalized on the debate stage.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew struck South Carolina, weakened but dangerous.

The storm is making its way up the East Coast, where authorities remain vigilant.