Climate & Energy

planet earth

Watch changes on the ol’ Blue Marble unfold in gorgeous, alarming satellite images.

Zoom out and it's easy to see how quickly we're changing the world.

for frack's sake

The EPA downplayed its findings in its study of fracking’s impact on drinking water.

Early drafts of the report highlighted water contamination, but the final version was more fracking-friendly.


Obama just missed a big chance to boost wind power

The federal government doesn’t favor renewable projects over fossil fuels on public land. It should.

dakota access

After a failed police crackdown, North Dakota now plans to attack activists with fines.

But will North Dakota officials fine the "human shields" traveling to Standing Rock this weekend?


How economics are driving the Dakota Access Pipeline

The powers behind the project will benefit, but almost no one else will.

breaking hearts

Canada’s Justin Trudeau approved two controversial pipelines and rejected a third.

Trudeau just lost his charm.

Time to wake up

This senator has given 150 pleas for climate action. Now, he has a few words for Trump.

"I encourage President-elect Trump to listen to these voices of reason and expertise, not to the Swamp Things."

Who's the hoser, now?

Even Canada’s Texas is ahead of most of the U.S. on climate policy.

Canada's fossil fuel-rich province is trying to get off coal.

CC Anonymous

This nine-step program is like Alcoholics Anonymous for climate anxiety.

The first step in the program is admitting there's a problem.