Climate & Energy

c'est la vie

It’ll be hard to toast to the end of the world without champagne

Pour one out for the champagne industry. Wait, don't.

midwestern battles

Pipeline company gets nasty as it tries to push huge new project through sensitive lands

Police and protesters face off as construction begins on one of the biggest pipelines proposed since Keystone XL.

Climate & Energy

82,000 Californias have fled a crazy, out-of-control wildfire

The Blue Cut fire outside San Bernadino went from spark to raging inferno in just one day.

Trim Riggins

EPA’s new rules are good for tech, and trucking

The EPA's new regulations are a big deal -- both for the troposphere and for the lungs of anyone in trucking territory.


Coal lobbyists are the loneliest lobbyists

Coal groups are hemorrhaging cash and supporters.

In cold flood

Many of those hit hard by Louisiana rains don’t have flood insurance

An estimated 40,000 homes have been damaged, and paying for repairs could prove a challenge.

koch machine

Koch bros want you to think fossil fuels are great for the whole family

The Fueling U.S. Forward campaign is an attempt to rebrand the oil, gas, and coal industry as "pro-human."

Oil in a day's work

Another reason to divest from oil companies: They rip off shareholders

Oil and gas companies are not performing well, but they're paying their executives more than ever.

Dan on the Street

We asked young voters why they don’t see a big difference between Clinton and Trump on climate

We took to the streets to talk to real live millennials about the election. We even checked their pulses!