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Jerry Brown tells climate deniers to wake up and smell the drought

"With the weather that's happening in California, climate change is not a hoax. We're dealing with it, and it's damn serious," said the state's governor.

Climate & Energy

7 things to know about California’s drought

Everything you ever wanted to know about California's devastating drought but were too afraid to ask.

Climate & Energy

Everybody needs a Climate Thing

Each person views climate change from their own idiosyncratic angle — and that could be the key to making progress in fighting the problem.


When, exactly, did humans become an actual geological force?

Now that we've figured out what the Anthropocene is, no one can agree on when it started.

Climate & Energy

California’s snowpack is at a record low

More bad news for drought-parched California.

Climate & Energy

Wanna change an oil exec’s mind on climate? Here’s how

Make it a family affair.


Thawing permafrost could be the worst climate threat you haven’t heard of

Permafrost is supposed to stay frozen -- and it turns out it could be seriously bad news for the atmosphere if it doesn't.

Climate & Energy

5 years after a deadly coal mine disaster, what’s changed?

As the trial winds up for former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, Coal Country is going through tectonic shifts.

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This affordable housing complex has a solar farm on its roof

A community solar project in Seattle is powering the real sharing economy.

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