Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Soy boom threatens Brazil’s climate goals

The nation's expanding agriculture industry could derail its environmental commitments.


This week’s deadly flooding in Houston is just the beginning

The fourth-largest city in America is woefully unprepared for natural disasters — and the "perfect storm” is likely just around the corner.

Climate & Energy

The EPA met its match: Amateur race car drivers

Republicans and amateur race car drivers teamed up against the EPA — and won.

Boom and Bust

The incredible history of fossil-fuel beauty pageants

From Appalachia to the Badlands, communities that owe their existence to coal, gas, and oil honor that legacy with beauty pageants.

Blunt Talk

Everything you need to know about pot’s environmental impact

Complete with pretty pictures!

High and Mighty

The legal marijuana biz is sky high. We’ve got some burning questions.

Right in time for 4/20, we present High and Mighty, a series about the booming buds industry.

Climate & Energy

How much has drought screwed the West Coast?

The West is hot, bothered, and adapting.


What you need to know about presidential candidates’ climate plans

What are Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders' plans to deal with a warming climate? Watch our video above to find out.

Climate & Energy

Atlantic coastline sinks as sea levels rise

No surprise that floods are getting worse.