Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

Disastrous flooding in Louisiana is now normal flooding

The U.S. has seen once-in-500-year floods eight times already this year.

Climate & Energy

Why the heck isn’t drought-stricken California measuring water?

A new report reveals the big water problems California has yet to solve.

shingle and ready to mingle

Elon Musk’s new solar roofing plan isn’t so new after all

Tesla wants to glam up the boring world of roofing.

Coal ash chronicles

N.C. chief epidemiologist resigns over water safety squabble

Megan Davies has accused the governor's administration of misleading the public about water quality near coal ash sites.

natural gas

Cows pass gas “so they don’t explode,” dairy industry reminds us

California wants to curb methane emissions, but flatulent cows might not cooperate.

smog-eat-smog world

California smog is getting worse again, but because of climate change, not cars

It's the return of smog city, as southern California gets hit by the worst pollution in years.

Election 2016

Clinton’s army of energy advisers towers over Trump’s

Clinton’s team has enormous size advantage over Trump.

Thanks, but no tanks

Here’s the latest community to crack down on fossil fuel shipments

Whatcom County, Washington, is concerned about public safety.

Plug Ugly

Electric cars are so popular we’re running out of plugs

We’re in an era of cutthroat plug competition — which is both good and bad.