Climate & Energy

This is the dividend

A proposal to save the middle class … by cutting carbon pollution

Peter Barnes' plan is politically impossible, but isn't everything now? So what the hell, let's check it out.

Going up!

This video explains how to make you richer and protect the climate

Author and thinker Peter Barnes gives an elevator pitch for his proposal -- in an actual elevator.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what it looks like when a typhoon devastates your city

A year ago, Typhoon Haiyan slammed the Philippines. Here's what that looked like.


Stephen Colbert to the children of America: Dream of being a politician with zero grasp of science!

America's coastline, meet your reaper: James Inhofe, Oklahoma senator.


Was the shocking outcome of Maryland’s gubernatorial race about rain, or something else?

Pundits have blamed the "rain tax" for Anthony Brown's loss to an unknown Republican. But did race play a role?

Gaelic Gale Power

Scotland may achieve energy independence before political independence

Scotland's wind turbines are producin' loads o' lecky.

Balls In Your Court

I watched a bunch of scrotums get snipped and it was totally fine

Before advocating for men to take some reproductive responsibility, we set out to confirm that their options don't suck.


No, Americans did not just vote to “drill, baby, drill!”

Big Oil and its Republican lackeys claim that the recent elections give them a mandate to drill. It couldn't be farther from the truth.


Surprise! This GOP senator’s theory about volcanoes and climate change is totally wrong

This should not actually come as a surprise.

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