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Keystone pipeline still a pain in nation’s butt

Pipeline boosters just won’t give up. Now they've joined a lawsuit arguing that Obama shouldn’t have rejected Keystone.

Climate & Energy

Even with the Arctic out, offshore drilling isn’t slowing down

The Gulf of Mexico is a goldmine for offshore oil.

Climate & Energy

Rainbow satellite image shows Antarctica’s ice fleeing into the ocean

Parts of Antarctica are breaking off and moving away from the continent at speeds of up to three feet per day.

Business & Technology

BP takes Colorado to court and wins millions in tax breaks

Fossil fuel companies will collect $100 million and counting from taxpayers.


We’re wiping out one-fifth of Earth’s plant species

A new report highlights the threats to food security and medicine supplies but also reveals 2,000 new species are discovered each year.


Ethiopian farmers made a desert bloom again

Ethiopian farmers innovate to fight drought -- and win big.

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich Alaska has surprising solar power potential

Solar is cost-competitive with diesel in some remote Alaskan towns, a study found.

Climate & Energy

Nobody knows if climate change sunk these islands or not

Not all sea-level rise is caused by global warming — but you wouldn’t know it from the headlines.


Stephen Colbert takes on Trump’s bizarre antics in coal country

The late-night host analyzes Trump’s coal-mining dance, strange hand gestures, and outdated hairspray obsession.