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Our clean energy future, brought to you by loofahs

Researchers can improve rechargeable batteries by adding bits of modified sponge. Yes, really.

emission control

That massive methane leak in L.A. was visible from space

You can't sneak a gas leak past NASA.

Climate & Energy

Norway talks a big game, promises to go carbon neutral by 2030

Right now, it’s just talk.

Climate & Energy

The next U.S. president could save or destroy the Arctic

And his or her decision could last a lifetime.


A handful of the world’s coral reefs are actually thriving

Surprisingly vibrant reefs signal a hopeful future for conservation efforts.


Trees lining California streets are worth an extra $1 billion a year

A new study calculates the value of the trees that line the state’s roads.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Britain might leave the European Union. Here’s what that could mean for the climate.

A climate hawk’s guide to the Brexit vote.

Throwing shade

U.S. Chamber of Commerce joins anti-solar crusade

The chamber’s new campaign is part of a larger right-wing push to kneecap the rooftop solar industry.

Climate & Energy

California’s drought isn’t going away anytime soon

El Niño winters normally flood the state with rain and snow -- but this one was different.