Climate & Energy

House Science Committee takes a page from the Inquisition

The chair, Lamar Smith, has some new weapons in his battle against the nation's scientists.

One rule forward, two rules back

Trump’s latest move could throw environmental rulemaking into chaos.

A new executive order mandates that for every regulation created, two regulations must be eliminated.

justice for all?

This is Trump’s chance to build an anti-environment federal judiciary

There's a record number of vacancies, and he could fill them with judges hostile to regulations.

Making dad proud

Malia Obama has joined the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Ivanka, meanwhile, spent her weekend on other pursuits.

coal story, bro

The West’s biggest coal plant may be about to shut down

It's the seventh-largest single source of CO2 emissions in the United States.

Zombie pipelines, EPA under attack, and that’s just Week One

How worried should you be about President Trump's first week? Pretty worried.

"I would build a great wall"

There’s an environmental argument against Trump’s border wall, too.

Environmentalists say a 55-foot tall wall would cause lasting damage.

This is exactly the wrong way to clean up the L.A. area’s air

Regulators are pushing a plan to make residents pay more taxes instead of making polluters clean up, and it would hit poor people hardest.

That Was Fast

The “alt” government agencies on Twitter are telling you everything President Trump won’t.

Welcome to 2017, when the internet gives us the public servants we need.