Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

The oil industry knew about climate change before we landed on the moon

The American Petroleum Institute was warned about CO2 in 1968.

Climate & Energy

Greenland is melting way ahead of schedule

The melt season usually kicks off in May or June. Not April.

Climate & Energy

For the 97 billionth time: Yes, there is a 97 percent consensus on climate change

A new meta-study just confirmed what we already knew, but what people like Ted Cruz won't stop denying.


No new lead crises in 5 years? Clinton has a plan

She also has her work cut out for her.

Business & Technology

More Californians work in “Advanced Energy” jobs than in farming or Hollywood

Wait, what's Advanced Energy?


The world’s largest private coal company just went bankrupt

Peabody Energy filed for Chapter 11 protection on Wednesday.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how to spur more investment in clean energy

The New Climate Economy and the World Bank have a few ideas.

Climate & Energy

This Senate race shows how climate action is gaining support in the Midwest

Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland hasn’t always been a friend to the environment, but he’s been getting greener, just like his state and region.


Global leaders are very worried about water shortages

We're running out of water, and it's sparking unrest across the world.