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We graded the feds on their environmental justice programs — here’s how they fared

Each year, government agencies report on what they've done to protect overburdened communities from environmental harms. Some do better than others.


These 2 heroic scientists died while studying the climate

Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo were studying the Arctic's lowest winter ice cover on record. Then they fell through it.

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Dear climate scientists: Just tell it to us straight, please

This researcher is calling out climate scientists for watering down their work to appease politicians.


Here’s how Bernie Sanders, the greenest presidential candidate, could get even greener

The socialist senator from Vermont is already the biggest climate hawk in the race, but there’s one critical step he could take to solidify that title.

what the shell??

Shell’s oil rig is already falling apart — and it hasn’t even left for the Arctic

The Noble Discoverer failed a Coast Guard inspection in Honolulu. So why is it still heading to Seattle?

Taking the 100,000-foot view

These satellites are keeping an eye on California’s underground water

To the list of benefits satellites offer us, we can now add "monitoring our disappearing water."

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Why it matters that left-wingers just won in oil-rich Alberta

The new leader of the province opposes Keystone and takes climate seriously. That’s awkward for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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Why the Koch brothers’ war against clean energy is still failing

You may have heard that the Kochs scored a win by rolling back Kansas' renewable power standard, but that's not exactly how things went down.

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California moving to stage 2 of drought grief: Anger

Let all the denial and anger, bargaining and depression hang out! Then Californians can start taking the specific measures that will actually save water.