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Here’s the movie you should send your climate-apathetic friends to see

"Merchants of Doubt" feels like a dystopian science fiction film -- except it’s a documentary, and it’s about shady climate science in the United States right now.


Should you care about how much water it takes to make your favorite foods?

Grist’s science editor Amelia Urry appeared on MSNBC’s Greenhouse to talk about how our water usage has more to do with food than what comes out of our faucets.

Climate & Energy

Shrinkage: Arctic ponds are the new George Costanzas

Climate change is leading to fewer and smaller ponds on Alaska's Barrow Peninsula.


Seattle doesn’t want Shell’s stinkin’ Arctic drilling fleet

Residents of the notoriously green city are fighting the oil giant's plans to dock its Arctic drilling fleet at the local port.


“Gossip Girl” babe will star in new show about North Dakota’s dirty oil boom

Chace Crawford will star as Billy, a "handsome and ambitious born hustler" making his way in fracking country.

Climate & Energy

All oil is bad, but some is worse. Here’s the difference.

There’s at least an 80 percent difference in CO2 emissions between the dirtiest tar-sands oil and the least-dirty non-tar-sands variety.


This chafing ice sheet is making us really uncomfortable

A new model of the West Antarctic ice sheet shows friction's role in keeping the giant slab from collapsing.

Climate & Energy

We’re finding out what’s in fracking wastewater, and it ain’t pretty

Thanks to a disclosure law in California, we now know that frackers are polluting water with petroleum chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and carcinogens.

Climate & Energy

Geoengineering won’t help people who are stuck with dirty air

Re-engineering the climate might slow warming, but it does nothing for communities on the ground, says Simon Nicholson of American University.

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