Climate Policy

Climate Policy

Obama could make climate progress internationally even if he’s hobbled at home

A big, global climate treaty isn't going to happen, but Obama could push forward lots of smaller deals to promote clean energy, efficiency, and other good stuff.

Climate Policy

U.S. leads the world in cutting CO2 emissions — so why aren’t we talking about it?

Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. is making progress on climate change. And not just because of the recession and the natural-gas boom.

Climate Policy

From top-down to bottom-up: New directions for climate at Rio+20

Climate change is global; climate change impacts and adaptation are local. We can look to locally appropriate solutions to inform a global response.

Climate Change

Updates from the Rio Earth Summit, day one

We'll keep this updated as announcements are made over the course of the day.

Climate & Energy

New York court backs greenhouse gas initiative, draws Sauron’s eye

And by Sauron, we mean an enormously powerful actor that holds the world in the grip of its wizened hand. The Kochs.

Climate Policy

Secretary Clinton will represent the U.S. at Earth Summit

An announcement from the State Department outlines the full U.S. government delegation.

Climate Policy

Solving the climate crisis means saying yes and no

When it comes to climate work, yes and no are the interdependent and mutually reinforcing faces of responsible action.

Climate & Energy

U.N. report: ‘Oh, man.’

This is not a direct quote. But we hope you like water pollution and hot, unbreathable air.


Climate change’s worst enemy is its first victim: The city

A group of 58 cities are working together to develop thousands of tools to address climate change. They'd better.