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The neuroscience of why the GOP is like that

Here's Chris Mooney, who has made it his mission to chronicle and then explain why the GOP is resolutely anti-science, summing up his life's work rather succinctly.


New climate strategy: Buy the damn coal and keep it in the ground

A new paper proposes that we buy up coal deposits in countries around the world to keep them from being exploited. It's fascinating strategy, but could it work?

Energy Policy

Why going green during a recession actually creates jobs

Economists have long known something that politicians apparently do not: If you need to impose expensive environmental regulations, there’s no better time than during a recession.

Climate & Energy

80 percent of humans are delusionally optimistic, says science

Maybe the reason we can't do anything about the existential crisis of climate change -- or, indeed, any of the other existential crises we're facing at present -- is that 80 percent of humanity has what's known as an "optimism …

Climate Change

Chump change: Stopping global warming is much cheaper than you think

Politicians like to claim we can't afford to take drastic climate action right now. A U.K. report debunks that myth.

Climate Change

More power for women means less climate pollution, study suggests

Here's another indication that women are greener than men: In nations where women’s status is higher, CO2 emissions are lower, according to a new study.

Climate & Energy

George Bush’s hometown is running out of water, thanks to climate change

The president whose State Department thanked Exxon executives for their "active involvement" in helping to determine climate change policy is watching the town in which he grew up squirm in the grip of Texas' epic, climate change-enhanced drought.

Climate Policy

What’s the deal with EPA carbon rules for existing power plants?

EPA's latest rule applies only to new power plants. But rest assured, rules for existing power plants are in the works.

Climate & Energy

The top five things you need to know about EPA’s new carbon rule

The EPA finally issued its rule governing climate pollution at new power plants. It is likely to prompt a fusillade of bogus political attacks. Inoculate yourself with these five key facts.