Climate Policy

Climate Policy

Republicans cockblock NOAA appointment because of an oil-drilling snit

You’d think that the main criterion for being named the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s chief scientist would be that you are a scientist. (Lesser criteria: being plausibly chiefly; studying some field related to oceanic and/or atmospheric science.) Turns out, …


Obama doesn’t back down on clean energy

During the State of the Union, I was watching for whether the president would back down on clean energy in the face of coordinated GOP assault. He did not. Instead, he doubled down.

Climate Policy

Geoengineering could boost crop production, says study

Adding tiny, sunlight-blocking particles to the upper atmosphere -- a.k.a. the “artificial volcano” approach to geoengineering -- could help crops avoid the effects of global warming.


Why does agriculture keep getting a climate pass?

An international group of scientists have taken to the pages of Science magazine to ask climate negotiators to stop ignoring agriculture.


Obama makes strong call for clean energy — oh, and drilling and fracking too

Clean energy rocks. Nice people get jobs at wind-turbine plants. Oil-industry subsidies suck. We need to drill, baby, drill. And we need to frack, baby, frack. That's the takeaway from the State of the Union.

Election 2012

Newt’s win in South Carolina bodes well for climate

Newt Gingrich defied cynicism and tapped into voter anger to win South Carolina. That's what it will take to achieve large-scale climate solutions, too.

Business & Technology

Giant companies get real about climate adaptation

Who’s got billions of dollars and isn't going to wait for the GOP to arrive in the 21st century before they drop a significant portion of it on preparing for our climate-changed future? These guys.

Election 2012

Old dog, Newt tricks: Gingrich’s views on climate, EPA, and ‘green conservatism’

Gingrich has been all over the map on climate change. Catch the highlights and revisit his 2010 interview with Grist.

Climate & Energy

Why we need to relocate animals threatened by climate change

The solution to this human-created problem can only come from us: We've got to move animals in advance of the warming climate.