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111 ways Nate Silver hire Roger Pielke Jr doesn’t like you

Roger Pielke Jr, the political scientist recently hired by Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight “data journalism” venture, thinks climate scientists are McCarthyite political activists who are lying, exaggerating bullshitters and alarmists. Guess what he thinks about …

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Slow Ride Stories: Kick-starting conversations about climate change

Two filmmakers are touring the back roads of America this summer, talking to ordinary people about climate change. Their hope: to change the way we talk about, and deal with, the most pressing issue of …

Here are some of the death threats sent to a climate scientist

Phil Jones became a public figure when his emails on climate science were stolen and released. As a result, he received a number of threats on his life.

BP’s Glenn Beck strategy for maybe saving a few million dollars

Two scientists hired by the petroleum giant turn over personal emails, replaying an all-too-common scenario in a data-rich world.


The top five things voters need to know about conservatives and climate change

There's been a recent surge of stories about conservatives and climate change in the mainstream media. But oddly, none of them tell voters what they most need to know on the subject. It's time for …

Climate Skeptics

Climate-change deniers hitting a wall — but so is the planet

It’s been a tough few weeks for the forces of climate-change denial. But let's not forget how effective they've been over the years.

Climate Skeptics

Winning the climate culture war

More science will not cure climate skeptics and pandering to conservatives can only win battles, not the war. So, what's the right strategy in the climate fight?

Climate Skeptics

It wasn’t just the billboards: How activists brought down the Heartland Institute

Yes, the Heartland Institute shot itself in the foot with its stupid Unabomber billboard. But what really hurt was the anti-Heartland campaign joined by tens of thousands of citizen activists.

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Report: Corporations are big fat hypocrites about climate change

Corporations are officially people now, and like people, sometimes corporations will loudly say that they believe one thing while their actions reveal another preference entirely. Like a lady who says she wants to settle down …