Climate Skeptics

Climate Skeptics

The Wall Street Journal’s willful climate lies

The WSJ opinion page spreading climate misinformation is nothing new. But its latest op-ed promotes straight-up lies that editors and scientists must know are false.

Climate Skeptics

WSJ will publish literally anything, as long as it disputes global warming

Ready for a little peek behind the editorial decision-making curtain at the Wall Street Journal? On Friday, the paper published an op-ed disputing anthropogenic global warming, on the strength of its being signed by 16 …

Climate Skeptics

Study explains why it’s useless to argue with climate deniers

Apparently the logic is something like "It's not about whether my theory is right but what they are telling us is definitely wrong."

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Old dog, Newt tricks: Gingrich’s views on climate, EPA, and ‘green conservatism’

Gingrich has been all over the map on climate change. Catch the highlights and revisit his 2010 interview with Grist.

Climate Change

Climate vigilantes: How to get real facts into media coverage of climate

Climate change is a perfect example of an issue on which reporters should be "truth vigilantes," challenging the faulty "facts" spread by climate skeptics.

Climate Change

Chatting with the climate scientist Newt dissed

Katherine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and evangelical Christian, wrote a chapter on climate change for Newt Gingrich's upcoming book, only to find out he scrapped it. Hear her thoughts on talking to conservatives about global warming, and why the threat of hate mail makes it hard for climate scientists to speak out.

Climate Skeptics

MIT climate scientist receives frenzy of hate mail

Climate scientist Kerry Emanuel received a flood of threatening emails after a video circulated of him speaking at a climate change conference.

Let’s make fun of Rick Santorum talking about climate change

Is it getting boring to make fun of Rick Santorum? I don't really care, because frankly the dude is both a menace and an ignoramus and that is comedy gold even if he didn't look like the love child of Ryan Reynolds and a turtle. (Yes, I recycled that joke, but it's TRUE.) It's all very well to talk about frothy mixtures and whatnot, but opportunities to mock Santorum go well beyond his Google problem. Although seriously, does anyone else feel sort of dirty when they type his name, like they should be writing "Sant*rum" or something? Anyway, Treehugger found a doozy of a quote from Sir Mixture-a-lot about global warming. Let's mock it! (Note to Rick and adherents: We are not in the "then they laugh at you" stage of Gandhi's, or whoever's, hierarchy. We are just laughing at you.)

Climate Change

Not all Republicans are climate deniers [VIDEO]

In the run-up to the New Hampshire primary, former Rep. Bob Inglis, climate scientist Kerry Emanuel, and other Republicans talk about why climate action is a conservative value.

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