Climate Skeptics

Secret Heartland Institute memos map a climate-denial campaign

Looks like someone has pulled a Climategate on denialist think tank the Heartland Institute. (Is “think tank” the correct term for an institution devoted to spreading misinformation? Maybe “lie tank” is better.) Turns out that — surprise surprise — they …

‘Cohort replacement’: Climate deniers won’t change, but they will die

I don't think the climate deniers will ever change their minds. But they're old, and they will pass into the sweet beyond. So let's concentrate on building the climate movement among the young.

Rick Santorum is literally the worst

Santorum swamped Romney (sorry) at two caucuses and a nonbinding primary yesterday, suggesting that his candidacy is a less funny joke than previously thought. Well whatever, they’ve clearly been playing King of the Mountain all campaign season, knocking each other …

The great carbon bubble: Why the fossil-fuel industry fights so hard

Big Oil will do anything to avoid coming to terms with the fact that the business models which have made it so profitable directly threaten the Earth's survival, writes Bill McKibben.

Standing to reason: Do non-believers need temples, too?

Writer Alain de Botton wants to erect a 150-foot monument to atheism. With the religious right co-opting our secular spaces, why not create a little sacred space for the profane?

The Wall Street Journal’s willful climate lies

The WSJ opinion page spreading climate misinformation is nothing new. But its latest op-ed promotes straight-up lies that editors and scientists must know are false.

WSJ will publish literally anything, as long as it disputes global warming

Ready for a little peek behind the editorial decision-making curtain at the Wall Street Journal? On Friday, the paper published an op-ed disputing anthropogenic global warming, on the strength of its being signed by 16 scientists. Sixteen, wow, that’s a …

Study explains why it’s useless to argue with climate deniers

Apparently the logic is something like "It's not about whether my theory is right but what they are telling us is definitely wrong."

Old dog, Newt tricks: Gingrich’s views on climate, EPA, and ‘green conservatism’

Gingrich has been all over the map on climate change. Catch the highlights and revisit his 2010 interview with Grist.