How to avoid a train wreck: replacing coal with energy efficiency

Utility regulations don't have to mean higher rates for consumers. Investments that enhance communities by creating more efficient, modern infrastructure result in more jobs and a more robust economy, at a fraction of the cost of upgrading old coal plants

Business & Technology

Infographic: What it would take to meet Obama's 2035 clean energy goals?

Obama wants 80 percent of America's energy to come from clean and renewable sources by 2035. But what would that really take? Mostly, it means replacing 2/3 of our coal-fired power plants with power sources that don't depend on fossil …

Business & Technology

Solar could be as cheap as coal by end of decade

A report from the Chinese government asserts that solar power will be as cheap as coal by 2015. Industry watchers have already predicted that the cost of solar will drop by half by 2020, putting it at parity with coal-fired …


Mountaintop-removal mining is unpopular even in coal country

A strong majority of Appalachians oppose mountaintop-removal coal mining -- 57 percent -- according to a new poll conducted in the region.


Air support: Join the fight for stronger air pollution safeguards

This week, activists took to the sidewalks in front of the EPA to demand stronger air pollution safeguards. Learn how you can help clean up our air and protect public health.

Election 2012

Rick Perry to run for president; climate deniers cheer

The climate skeptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election: Texas Gov. Rick Perry, their candidate of choice, is about to officially throw his hat in the ring.


Replacing a crappy old coal plant with green urban development: today D.C., tomorrow …?

Just outside D.C., a filthy old coal-fired power plant could be replaced with a residential and commercial development and revitalized waterfront.


A $50 million tipping point?

Michael Bloomberg's contribution to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign could have many ripple effects and force the U.S. to quit coal for good.

Climate & Energy

Coal-fired power plants close down rather than clean up their emissions

As a result of the EPA's new rules mandating lower toxic emissions, coal-fired power plants are closing their doors. The coal industry is complaining that the new rules are too expensive, will hike electricity rates, and cost jobs. The EPA …