Why Washington state's coal fight matters

Activists in the Northwest are fighting plans to build a coal-export terminal in Washington state. The outcome of this battle could have lasting, substantial effects on China's energy habits and emissions.


As summer temperatures rise, so does deadly coal pollution

Coal-fired power plants are a huge source of air pollution, which poses an immediate threat to health on hot summer days when smog levels are highest.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil-fuel industries push for a Great Outdoors Giveaway

More than 70 million acres of public land would lose protection under a bill in the U.S. House. Who's behind it? Oil, gas, and coal companies.


Impact of EPA regs on power industry may be even milder than typically projected

The EPA's new pollution regulations will drive the retirement of some older coal plants. But how many? And will it affect rates or reliability?

Climate & Energy

People living near mountaintop-removal mines have way more cancer

Mountaintop-removal mining is not only bad for the environment, it's bad -- very bad -- for the health of the people who are exposed to it. A new study, based on a door-to-door survey, found that in communities exposed to …

Climate & Energy

Industry threatens university over anti-coal sculpture

Chris Drury, a British artist, created this sculpture, entitled Carbon Sink: What Goes Around Comes Around, to express the idea that (JUST POSSIBLY) Wyoming's coal industry and its contributions to climate change had something to do with the explosion of …


NYC Mayor Bloomberg gives $50 million to fight coal

Michael Bloomberg has always wielded his power as mayor of New York to fight climate change, but now he's putting his personal fortune where his mouth is.


Blockbuster news for the anti-coal movement: Bloomberg is all in

Michael Bloomberg is putting $50 million toward the anti-coal movement. That, needless to say, is a big deal.


More coal in the U.S. means more pollution for China

A new report says U.S. coal exports mean more pollution in China.