Antibiotics in your meat? The ethanol industry might be partly to blame

Many farmers feed livestock spent grain from the ethanol process in order to lower feed costs. New research confirms what some have long suspected: Those byproducts contain antibiotics from the ethanol distilling process.

Study: GMO crops are killing butterflies

We’re all familiar with Big Ag’s bad reputation of picking on small-scale and organic farmers. Now Monsanto and its cronies are beating up an even more innocuous set of victims: beautiful, defenseless monarch butterflies.

Farm Bill 2012

Corn, corn everywhere — and not a drop to eat

Record-high crop prices have all the big farms in the Midwest planting up a storm while farm state politicians plan to trim conservation programs. Put them together and what do you get? A Big Ag bubble.

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill update: Fewer secrets, more hard work

The Secret Farm Bill process is long over and the Senate Ag Committee has scheduled its first round of Farm Bill hearings. So where should the sustainable food community put its attention now?

Honeybee problem nearing a ‘critical point’

Beekeepers from around the country met to talk about the state of the industry, while new information strengthens the case for the role of pesticides in bees' decline.

Sports enthusiasts urge you to ditch sports drinks

Professional snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith have started a "Drink Water" campaign, urging people to stop drinking the $20-a-gallon sugar-juice that props up their industry.

Bourbon of proof: Is Kentucky’s heritage spirit compromised by GMO corn?

As an American, corn-based spirit, bourbon has changed rapidly in recent decades. Now, the question is: How long do we have until it's all made with genetically engineered grain?

Farm Bill 2012

Can the 2012 Farm Bill protect the Ogallala Aquifer?

Kansas wheat.Photo: Brian McGuirkMy father farmed in Kansas and envied those lucky farmers in the wetter states to the east of us, who could grow 200-bushel corn and other lucrative crops like soy beans and sugar beets. He had to …

Pepsi spends $3 million a year so laws don’t come between corn syrup and your kids

Ironically-named food hero Marion Nestle just calculated that PepsiCo, which pumps enough high fructose corn syrup into the American public to turn out one Ghostbusters-size Stay Puft marshmallow man every 18 hours (I made that up; you get the idea), …