Election 2012

Election 2012

Green Party’s presidential candidate says it’s time to ‘take our country back’

Boston physician Jill Stein has accepted the party’s nomination for the highest office in the land. Now, can she get anyone to pay attention?

Election 2012

Green streak: Green Party aims to stir up presidential race

This election year, the Green Party hopes to ride the spirit that drove the Occupy movement right into the mainstream.

Election 2012

Lay off the Konarka: Dem energy message risks defeating Dem energy message

The Democrats' "all of the above" energy message is an effective one. Their "Romney backed a solar clunker too" message is not.


The top five things voters need to know about conservatives and climate change

There's been a recent surge of stories about conservatives and climate change in the mainstream media. But oddly, none of them tell voters what they most need to know on the subject. It's time for a primer.

Climate Change

Obama silent on climate change in big Iowa energy speech

In a speech last week, the president called on Congress to renew wind-industry tax credits, but neglected to mention “climate change” or “greenhouse gases” or even “pollution.”

Election 2012

Could Romney’s scorn for wind power hurt him in the heartland?

Mitt Romney promises to revoke federal support for the wind industry. That might not go over well in swing states like Iowa, where the booming wind sector has wide, bipartisan support.

Election 2012

Romney choosing climate skeptic as running mate

Virtually all high-level Republicans are dubious about the climate crisis, so what other options does Mitt Romney have?

Election 2012

Buzzword decoder: Your election-year guide to environmental catchphrases

Democrats like talking about "Big Oil" and "clean energy." Republicans favor "Solyndra" and "Keystone." No one's into "climate change."


Fox News has finally figured out that low gas prices are bad

We’ve been saying for a while that expensive gas is good news — not just because the expense of filling a tank could drive people into the arms of bikes and subways, but because affordable gas is a sign of …