Election 2012

A positive energy vision for the future, from Amory Lovins

For inspiration on the energy front, RMI's new project, Reinventing Fire, offers an ambitiously positive plan for energy independence.

Perry's energy plan is a Big Oil wet dream

This is not a surprise or anything, but Rick Perry unveiled what we'll charitably call an "energy plan," and it's printed on oil-soaked paper with oil-based ink.

Can Rick Perry create 1.2 million energy jobs?

Perry and Romney both promised to create over a million jobs in the energy sector. A closer look at the numbers reveals them to be vastly overstated.

Where did Obama's mojo go?

Obama's fund-raising emails sound a little pathetic. Nixing the Keystone XL pipeline could be his last chance to prove himself to progressive voters.

Critical List: Perry not afraid to sound like an idiot; Koch Industries trading with Iran

"I'm not afraid to say I'm a skeptic about [climate change]." -- Rick Perry, ladies and gentlemen. So fearless. A Bloomberg investigation found that Koch Industries has paid bribes to obtain contracts and sold Iran petrochemical equipment, in violation of the …

How to care for your 6-foot Rick Perry chia head

If you have a spare $4,500 lying around, you can now own a Rick Perry chia head that's as tall as Rick Perry. 

Bill Clinton slams U.S. climate deniers: 'We look like a joke'

Former president Bill Clinton blasted the GOP for supporting climate science denial.

The stupid politics behind Obama’s ozone cave

Obama's cave on ozone regulations was a) a crass political move, b) driven by new Chief of Staff Bill Daley, and c) based on daft political logic.

Rick Perry stumbles and mumbles as he tries to defend abstinence education [VIDEO]

"Abstinence works." That's Rick Perry's response to a question about why Texas is sticking with abstinence-only education despite its high teen pregnancy rate.