Election 2012

Critical List: $6 billion ethanol subsidy to end; Wyoming wolves screwed by Senate politics

The Senate is ending a $6 billion subsidy program for ethanol; anti-ethanol food and environmental groups say it's "not a perfect comprise" but that they're "encouraged" by the step. Carbon captured from coal plants can feed biofuel-producing algae. Which is awesome because nobody else wants to eat it. Put that tuna burger down! Overfishing could extinguish five out of eight tuna species.

Pawlenty: 'Look at me! I don't believe in science either!'

Hey, remember Tim Pawlenty? I think he's running for state auditor or something. Pawlenty used to think climate change was a major priority, back when he was governor of Minnesota and supported cap-and-trade. But then Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman showed underbelly by admitting that they believe in science -- a striking liability in this race -- and Pawlenty took that opportunity to swoop in and firmly establish himself as the most anti-climate-science candidate besides Bachmann and Perry and all the other ones! Go get 'em, T-Paw.

Election 2012

Bringin' crazy Bach

Michele Bachmann is officially running for president. Here's more proof that she's still officially crazy.


Has Obama lost environmental voters?

Al Gore's critique of Obama's failure to act on the climate crisis is further evidence of environmentalists' frustration with this administration.

How would Herman Cain solve climate change?

Pizza magnate and Republican presidential contender Herman Cain has unveiled his plan for combating illegal immigration: a 20-foot-tall, barbed-wire-studded, electrified Great Wall of U.S., and also a moat with alligators. Man, with that kind of go-getter attitude, imagine what he could achieve! Here are our predictions for how Herman Cain would tackle climate change if he believed in it, given that his approach to solving thorny political problems is apparently to throw alligators at them. Genetically engineered sharks that kill carbon by BITING IT TO DEATH. Pit with spikes for emissions to fall into. Steel cage match between a hurricane …

Rick Santorum froths at the mouth about climate change

No way Rick Santorum is going the Mitt Romney route. Everybody knows that believing in global warming is for liberals, rational people, scientists, and other don't-want-to-win-the-GOP-nomination types. That's why Santorum told Rush Limbaugh (who yesterday announced that Romney had killed his chances by admitting that he understood how science works) that climate change is a vast liberal conspiracy. Let's break down his statement: I believe the earth gets warmer, and I also believe the earth gets cooler, Translation: Tide goes in, tide goes out. and I think history points out that it does that and that the idea that man …


Green — who, me? Top 10 brownwashing Republicans

Greenwashing is out, brownwashing is in. These days, GOP politicians are scrambling to distance themselves from past environment-friendly statements, initiatives, and votes. (Thanks to Grist reader Gary Wockner for naming this trend.) Check out the top 10 offenders. And watch for a lot more Republicans to join the club as we head toward the 2012 election.    Photo: lukexmartin10.  Scott Brown U.S. senator from Massachusetts Before: “Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,” he said in 2008 when, as a member of the state Senate, he voted in favor of his state joining the Regional …

Mitt Romney loves climate science, hates winning

Oh, Mitt Romney. You have such electable hair. So why do you want to waste it by doing things like believing in global warming? That's not how people become the Republican presidential nominee. Yes, Mitt is apparently not participating in the traditional quadrennial GOP candidate 5K Fun Run Away From Anything That Sounds Mildly Liberal. On Friday, he reaffirmed his belief that a) the climate is changing and b) humans are responsible. He used to be a fan of cap-and-trade to address the problem, and once put a lot of money into instituting a cap-and-trade plan for the Northeastern states, …

Election 2012

Mitt Romney: Reducing global-warming pollution is 'important'

Breaking with Tea Party Republicans, Mitt Romney said that "it's important for us to reduce our emissions" that cause climate change.

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