Energy Efficiency

Climate & Energy

Power play: Can utilities turn energy efficiency into fun and games?

Utilities are taking a page from Angry Birds and "gamifying" power consumption with a host of software and social tools. Conserving energy now brings high scores and badges -- along with money saved for the consumer and a smarter, safer grid for everyone.

Energy Efficiency

Of the world’s 12 largest economies, the U.S. is the ninth-most energy efficient

On the plus side, we're more energy efficient than Canada.

U.S. Navy on its green initiatives: Damn the torpedoes!

Despite enormous pushback from Capitol Hill, the Navy is moving forward with major efforts to reduce energy consumption.


This summer’s blockbuster: Tiny House, THE MOVIE

The best cinema taps into our secret dreams, and TINY taps in specifically to our secret dreams about running away to Colorado and building a tiny house. Thus, we think it’s reasonable to assume it’ll …

Baseball’s All-Star Game: So green, you’ll forget the game doesn’t matter

How green is the All-Star Game? So green, even the red carpet is green.

Business & Technology

Apple withdraws its products from national environmental standard

Apple's new MacBook laptops are hard to take apart, and thus hard to recycle, so they fail to meet one key green standard.


Mayor Bloomberg uses a full-sized room A/C unit to cool his SUV

It really would be interesting to find out what moral calculus goes into Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s environmental decisions. It must go something like “I’m a big city mayor, working hard to draw down emissions on …

Your iPad is costing you (a tiny bit) more than you think

Research indicates that the cost of charging your iPad over the course of a year runs a whopping... $1.36.

Climate & Energy

Columnist: Millions for coal and oil, but not one more penny for clean energy

The Washington Post's Charles Lane argues we should abandon clean energy investment and cede that industry to China.

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