Energy Policy

Natural Gas

Ohio fracking is latest target for anti-Keystone activists

The folks who brought you the blockbuster protests against the Keystone XL pipeline are planning the largest-ever demonstration against natural-gas fracking.

Energy Policy

Building codes: Small rules that help homeowners save big on energy

Illinois is poised to adopt the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code. New building codes can make a big dent in carbon emissions, and save residents money.

Energy Policy

Energy for the next 20 years: my panel at the New York Academy of Sciences

Back in January, I was the moderator for a panel at the New York Academy of Sciences called “Energy for the Next 20 Years: Protecting the Environment and Meeting Our Demands.” It featured: Stewart Brand (Long Now Foundation) Joe Fargione …

Business & Technology

If everyone used as much energy as Americans, we’d run out of oil in 9 years

Unlike gluttonous American industry, Europe's most profitable companies plan to make even more money by getting ahead of this whole peak oil trend.

Energy Policy

Subsidies 101: A guide to corporate handouts, and why we shouldn’t stand for them

Let's call subsidies what they are: freebies for the richest companies in history. Here are five rules of the road that should be applied to the fossil-fuel industry when it comes to subsidies.

Energy Policy

Trade in the 20th century electric grid. Don’t trade off local energy

The future of U.S. energy policy is not about trade-offs, but rather a chance to trade in an obsolete paradigm for a local clean energy future.

Green Jobs

Everything that is good for the environment is a job

Solar panels don’t put themselves up. Houses don’t retrofit themselves. Farmers markets don’t run themselves. Green projects could give the economy a major boost, Van Jones argues in his new book.

Business & Technology

If fossil fuel subsidies were distributed to every person, we’d each get $58/year

Every year fossil fuels get six times as much money in subsidies from the U.S. government -- i.e. you, the taxpayer -- than renewable energy.

Energy Policy

Chris Hayes on the absurdity of oil subsidies

Guest hosting for Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes unspools a nice, long segment on the latest failed attempt to remove oil company subsidies. It’s worth watching the whole thing: