Factory Farms

Factory Farms

Food mega-wholesaler Sysco pledges to liberate pigs from crates

The last year has seen a wave of companies reject one of the worst factory farm practices out there. But Sysco's pledge might have the most impact yet.

Factory Farms

Why should EPA regulators investigate factory farm pollution when they can go get a beer instead?

The EPA doesn't know where most factory farms are, nor what they're polluting -- and yet it just reversed a rule that would have helped clean water regulators find out.

Factory Farms

New report: The Farm Bureau not a true friend to farmers

Despite its name, the American Farm Bureau Federation is more likely to side with the insurance industry than it is with farmers.

Sustainable Food

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

What if you could eat meat without causing animals to suffer? Take our survey.

Factory Farms

Meatifest destiny: How Big Meat is taking over the Midwest

With more factory farms, bigger meat processing facilities, and growing numbers of immigrant workers, it looks like Cargill and Co. might be priming the Midwest to produce meat for the world.

Factory Farms

Your meat on drugs: Will grocery stores cut out antibiotics?

A new campaign targets Trader Joe's, with an interest in prompting industry-wide change.


Food has gotten cheaper — but at what cost?

Americans now spend just under 9 percent of our income on food, about 30 percent less than we did in 1982. But is this a good thing?


Blame it all on my roots: Local food sees a resurgence in the South

A growing cadre of farmers, chefs, activists, and consumers is moving Alabama back to its rich and sustainable agricultural heritage.


Chefs’ disregard for environment leaves a bad taste

When Thomas Keller, the iconic chef at The French Laundry, made a point to privilege flavor over sustainability in the New York Times recently, he did us all a disservice.