Factory Farms

Sustainable Food

In Argentina, factory farms replacing grass-fed beef

Long known for its grass-fed beef, Argentina has traded in native grasslands for industrial soy farms and feedlots. Fortunately, some ranchers are holding on to tradition while preserving biodiversity.


Wasted milk produces as much CO2 as 20,000 cars

The time to start crying over spilled milk is NOW. According to researchers from the University of Edinburgh, wasted milk in the U.K. creates the equivalent of 110,000 tons of CO2 every year. That’s equivalent …


‘Weight of the Nation’ takes a realistic look at a looming crisis

According to one critic, this four-part HBO series -- which begins tonight -- offers a systematic examination of the obesity epidemic.

Factory Farms

Leaked letters suggest Maryland’s governor is henpecked by the chicken industry

In a state where the proliferation of industrial chicken houses is directly tied to the growing Chesapeake Bay dead zone, it might be helpful to have a governor who isn't close friends with a top …

Factory Farms

Do the feds care about antibiotics in animal feed?

Did you know ethanol producers use antibiotics to control the fermentation process? Then those drugs end up in the grain by-products we're feeding to livestock and dairy cows? We asked the FDA if they have …

Sustainable Farming

‘Food, Inc.’ chicken farmer has a new, humane farm

Carole Morison talks about her new pasture-based operation and the example she and her husband hope to set for other poultry farmers looking to change the industry.


It’s official: China now eats twice the meat we do

China's meat consumption has changed a lot in the last 20 years -- so much so that corn to feed industrially raised animals is now more prevalent than rice.

Factory Farms

Burger King makes a big pledge — but what’s ‘cage-free pork’?

Burger King is the first national fast-food chain to pledge cage-free pork and eggs. Never heard of “cage-free pork”? Neither had we.

Farm Bill

Would you like a bad farm bill — or a terrible one?

For food reformers, little has changed since the "Secret Farm Bill" process was exposed to the public last fall. But now the GOP-led House has turned their attention to food stamps and it remains to …