Factory Farms

Factory Farms

‘Ag-gag’ rules choke off supply of livestock snuff films

Rather than deal with the inhumane, superbug-spawning conditions in factory farms, the Iowa state legislature would prefer to stifle one of activists' primary weapons of dissent.

Factory Farms

Finally, a smoking gun connecting livestock antibiotics and superbugs

New science draws a straight line between antibiotic-resistant staph and the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms. Now, if only our lawmakers would do something with the information.

Factory Farms

Ad nauseam: Did Chipotle’s Grammy ad scare Big Ag?

Big Ag interests like the Farm Bureau want Americans to see alternatives to factory farming -- as shown in the recent Chipotle ad -- as nostalgic and unrealistic.

Sustainable Farming

Beyond porkwashing: Food service company commits to humane meat

Bon Appétit Management Company makes an industry-changing move toward more humane meat sourcing.

Factory Farms

CAFO conviction: Court holds factory farm accountable for water pollution

A community nonprofit in Washington successfully sued a factory farm owner, resulting in the first-ever ruling holding a CAFO accountable for its pollution.

Industrial Agriculture

McDonald’s becomes one iota less horrible to pigs

McDonald’s has announced that it’s requiring pork suppliers to phase out gestation stalls — pig-sized pig cages where pregnant sows are confined, often unable to stand up or move around. Whoa, McDonald’s food has actual pigs in it? Who knew.

Factory Farms

Sh*t happens: Mysterious ‘manure foam’ causes pig farms to explode

Several concentrated animal feeding operations in Minnesota and Iowa have already exploded, causing major damage and the deaths of thousands of pigs.

Scary Food

MRSA MRSA me: Getting the facts about the superbug in pork

Confused about the latest science on antibiotic-resistant Staph bacteria found in grocery-store pork? So were we, until we spoke to expert Maryn McKenna.

Factory Farms

Chicken farm crates are basically never cleaned

If a bite of food falls on the ground, often we pick it up and eat it. Five second rule, right? But if it falls in something gross or we haven’t cleaned the floor in awhile, we don’t eat it. …