Hot on the trail: Exploring parks threatened by climate change

Writer Mike Lanza wanted his kids to experience our national parks before climate change alters them forever. So he took his entire family on a year-long quest to visit our most endangered wild places.

Aging boomers who can’t drive will be trapped in unwalkable cities of their own making

Judging by how pedestrian-unfriendly the average American city has become, all our aging parents apparently enjoy being prisoners in their own homes.

Kids’ books that take the SCARY out of science

Science writer Michelle Nijhuis goes in search of books that will inspire her toddler to think of science as a world of possibilities, not a frightening place where intimidating grown-ups have all the answers.

Birth control still one of Obama’s best environmental policies

The Obama administration is expected to propose a birth-control compromise today for Catholic-run institutions that don’t want to pay for their employees to avoid pregnancy. New federal rules guarantee free contraception coverage, but a narrow exception already exists for Catholic …

Look, Dad! No hands! The travails of teaching kids to bike in the city

What’s a bike-loving helicopter parent to do with kids in the urban jungle? Here are six things that will help keep your free-wheeling young’uns out of harm’s way.

New Agtivist: Adam Berman, faith-based urban farmer

Meet the founder of Urban Adamah, a one-acre urban farm in Berkeley and a fellowship for young people that integrates organic farming, social justice, and progressive Jewish spiritual practice.

Your stroller wheels, on the bus

Ever try to maneuver a baby stroller onto a bus, along with a diaper bag, toys, blanket, groceries -- oh, and your little bundle of joy? It’s not easy. Here’s one mom’s story -- and some suggestions for making transit …

Merry Bikesmas: A 1970s Schwinn livens up a family holiday

Photo: Joe Penniston This year, as we have in years past, my wife and I packed up the kids and flew across the country to spend the holidays with her family in suburban Baltimore. Christmas at the Thomas house is …

What can trick-or-treaters tell you about the health of your neighborhood?

When my brother and I were little, around this time of year we loved to watch The Halloween Tree, an animated feature based on a Ray Bradbury book of the same name. The movie opens with Bradbury himself narrating: It …