Farm Bill

Line ’em up, knock ’em down: Senate plans 73 farm bill votes today

Congress goes into vote-o-rama mode to move this year's monster of a food and farm bill forward.

The farm bill may be about to make a lot of chickens very happy

Following precedent set by California's Proposition 2, the federal government may be set to permanently ban battery cages -- with the egg industry's blessing.

The five farm bill amendments you should keep an eye on

Legislation currently in the Senate is one of the most important things happening in Washington. Here are the five things to watch.

Farm Bill 2012

Pushing for local food in the farm bill: An interview with Chellie Pingree

Rep. Chellie Pingree introduced the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act to make sure small-scale agriculture doesn't get left out of this year's farm bill.

Farm Bill 2012

Celebrity chefs and food movement leaders tell Congress: ‘This farm bill stinks’

With the bill on the Senate floor, Mario Batali, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and nearly 70 other food luminaries have signed a historic letter to Congress.

Cartoon explains what’s wrong with our food system in under four minutes

Here's a quick, simple primer on the relationship between corporate interests, farmers, and consumers.

Americans want more fruits and veggies for everyone

A new survey from the Kellogg Foundation says Americans are eating more fresh food and want public institutions to make fruits and vegetables more widely accessible.

Farm Bill 2012

Politicians, advocates make an 11th-hour push for a better farm bill

Do you have something to say about the $85 billion bill that will shape the nation's food and farming landscape for the next five years? Congress is digging down into the details, but it's not too late to chime in.

‘Weight of the Nation’ takes a realistic look at a looming crisis

According to one critic, this four-part HBO series -- which begins tonight -- offers a systematic examination of the obesity epidemic.